If you want to welcome friends and family into your new home, make it uniquely yours with unexpected elements. Fun furnishings, an unusual piece of art or bold colours create an element of surprise, and they make your home more personally appealing.

Create an Interesting Focal Point

Whether you use one item or a group, creating a personal focal point may make the room appear more open, or may simply draw the eye to the room. If you only use one item, this can save you cash over spending more money on a few pieces.

To save money, create art instead of buying it. Use your creativity in patterned fabric or collages. Shelves bought at second-hand or consignment stores can be used to make each item unique.


Select lamps that have unique sculptures or shapes. Lamps that are not large enough for the room may darken the space and make the room appear smaller, according to the Huffington Post.

Mix and match furnishings. For many years, the furniture in every room of a house had to match. Tables and chairs, buffets or china cabinets all looked like they were purchased at the same time, and many times, they were.

The uniform look is out. You can now feel free to mix different chairs with your sofa in the living room, and mix pieces from different sets of dining furniture, unless you have a formal dining room.

Re-using furniture and repurposing your favourite pieces will stamp your new house as your own. Why spend lots of money when you can artfully reuse older pieces? For instance, an old armoire can work well as a media unit.

An Ultra Modern lamp can shape a room in an instant.

Inexpensive Accents

There are many accent pieces available that are trendy and that can help you keep your eye on your budget. Consignment stores and thrift stores have many things from which to make your choice. Using a variety of sizes and shapes will give your home a unique appeal.

Mixing and Matching

If you have some high-end products that you would like to keep, you can mix them with less expensive accessories to give your house an eclectic look. You’ll enjoy flea market treasures in your house.

Large rugs or hallway runners help in hiding worn hardwood floors. This is a good deal less expensive than sanding down and refinishing your floors.

If Walls Could Talk

Paint one wall as an accent wall, with a bright and fun colour. It doesn’t take much paint at all to paint just an accent wall.

Stencils can be used to create unique patterns that accentuate virtually any space in your home. Detailing your home makes it appealing and unique. In children’s bedrooms, blackboards and chalkboards give them a place to draw that isn’t so hard to clean.

Colourful walls can make a dull room standout, especially if the wall is offset by other colours

Nature Is Inspirational

If your countertops need more like, use colourful planters with bright flowers as an inexpensive look. Bring the outdoors inside with flowers from your garden. Leaves, branches, and jars with herbs lend colour and a natural look to the room.

Using nature in your storage spaces can add colour, light and a fresh vibe to a room.




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