Sofa selection: How to choose the best modular lounge for your home

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4 min readA sofa is the first piece of furniture every person will buy for their home. It’s not only a place to sit, it’s a resting place, a bed, a dining spot, a tv binge watching facility, and quite often…a pet bed too. Because of this, choosing the right couch is essential when you’re planning to invest in one for your new home or thinking about replacing your old sofa. But with all the kinds of sofas available in the market, which one should you choose?

When it comes to buying a new couch, modular lounges should be your sofa of choice.


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What’s the difference between a modular sofa & a plain old couch?

Well, a modular sofa (sometimes also called a modular lounge) is a type of sofa that is made up of different pieces (or so-called modules) that make up the whole set. They come in different colours, shapes and sizes and can have various formations and features. Like a chaise, for example, can turn your plain old living room into a sleek and comfortable space for the whole family to hang out together.

The best part? When you move you won’t have the worry about it being the wrong shape for your new space. This is the benefit of a modular lounge – It can be rearranged to suit any space, occasion or household.

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How to choose the best modular lounge for your home?

Check the amount of space you have available in your living room.

Do you have a big living space that can accommodate a large plush modular sofa or is your lounge room on the cosier side? Measure your space to determine how much room your fancy new modular lounge can take up to comfortably fit into your living room. Modular lounges come in all different sizes and numbers of modules, so be sure to consider the amount of room that the couch can occupy and don’t forget to leave space for a coffee table.

A great tip: If you aren’t 100 per cent sure it will fit, get the dimensions of the lounge and lay out newspapers on the ground in your space to see what space the lounge might occupy. This will give you a realistic feel of how much space it’ll take up and whether it might feel too big or small.

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Determine where you want to put your modular lounge.

Where will you position your new sofa? Do you envision it being against a wall? Or in the middle of the room as a room divider?

These types of sofas are very flexible, however, something to keep in mind is that most of the time modular lounges are designed to sit against a wall, which means that the back of the sofa might not be visually appealing should it be placed in the middle of a room with the back in view.
If you’re seeking a modular lounge that you can place in any part of the living room, consider one with a finished back so that it’s stylish from every angle.

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Choose a style that complements your living room’s design.

Matching decor from curtains, rugs, upholstery and couch cushions is now a thing of the past. Mixing different kinds of materials, textures and colours together can make a house really feel like a home. Luckily, modular lounges also come in a variety of styles and with an assortment of materials and colours to choose from. From modern chic to classic leather or retro patterns, you’ll be able to find one that looks good, feels great and suits your style and decor perfectly.

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Pick one that suits your lifestyle.

The most important thing to consider is to choose the modular lounge that suits your lifestyle. Are you the type of person who loves to come home from work and just veg out? Are you regularly entertaining guests? Do you have kids jumping all over them and spilling things? Or are you just one to curl up with your cat and watch a good flick? These are all things to consider when making your selection. Different fabrics and styles have different benefits. Some can be easily cleaned, hard wearing or super snuggly.

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Shopping for your next modular lounge is an exciting time and also a long-term investment so choosing wisely is important. If our list above still has you worried about your choice, get in touch with the team at Chaise Sofas, who specialise in helping you choose the perfect lounge to suit both your lifestyle and home.

For more home furnishing tips check out this guide to furnishing your new home and advice for renters looking to furnish their home on a budget.

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