4 reasons to hire a good landscaper

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3 min readOwning a home is the great Australian dream. You work hard to save up for a deposit and to reach the point where you can move into a place all of your own. From the design of your yard to the interior decor, putting your own stamp on your new pad is an important process to feel comfortable and settled.

If you’ve got space to spare outside your home, the first thing that comes to mind is to create a healthy lawn and maybe a functional outdoor area. But to really up to the ante, adding beautiful landscaping can make your dream home feel complete.

Not only does landscaping add colour to your home, but it also can increase your kerb appeal and perceived value (depending on how well it is done!). This is the main reason you should consider hiring a good landscaper. Finding a good local landscaper to take on your landscaping project can pay dividends in the long run. Here are four more reasons to hire a landscaper ASAP.

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They’re masters of their craft

You wouldn’t ask a P.E. teacher to teach advanced physics and expect the students to become great physicists. They simply don’t have the qualifications or experience to do so. The same goes for landscaping. You can’t ask a handyman who mows your lawn regularly to do the landscaping and expect excellent results. Professional landscapers have studied their craft and honed it through experience. They know all the ins and outs of transforming a garden. From soil quality, council regulations to the local climate, they’ll know exactly how to provide the best plants and landscaping results for your garden.

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Maximum creativity

Just as their technical capabilities are honed, so are their artistic skills. Great landscapers can create beautiful landscapes and imaginative outdoor areas from scratch. They’ll be able to come up with attractive and practical designs for your yard that you would never think of. In your brief let them know if you plan to grow your own veggies, add a pool, want a low-maintenance space or if you have pets and children. They’ll weigh up all these factors to design an ideal personalised backyard for your space and budget. Always check out client testimonials and photos of previous jobs to ensure they have the skills to achieve the outcome you desire.

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Save time

If you want the job done right and fast the first time, hiring a good landscaper is your number one option. Let’s face it gardening and landscaping is a lot of hard work, and unless you quit your day job it will take many sacrificed weekends to complete the project yourself anywhere close to what a professional could achieve in a handful of days. Hiring a landscaper to do the work for you will save you precious time, headaches and effort.

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Access to tools & resources

Attempting to do the landscaping on your own will involve a lot of time and tracking down resources. The beauty of hiring a professional landscaper is that they’ll have all the necessary tools and contacts to do the job properly, so there’s no need to invest in tools, hiring a trailer and visiting plant stores yourself. So, if you think about it, you’re saving money by letting the pros do all the legwork for you. They may even have industry contacts where they can get discounts on plants, construction materials and garden supplies.

As you can see, there are many benefits that professional landscapers bring to the table. Attempting to landscape your yard is not only time consuming, but it can even end up more expensive than it would be with a pro. So, getting a good landscaper for your next garden improvement project is the most practical way to go.

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Andy Astudillo
Author bio: Andy Astudillo is a design enthusiast, blogger and a freelance writer. She currently lives in Perth, Australia and has always dreamed of travelling the world with her son. Her interests include interior design and home improvement which inspired her to share DIY and new decor ideas for other mothers and interior design enthusiasts like herself.

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