5 room design inspirations you have to see.

Todd Schulberg
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Interior design is a very personal thing, however it can make or break a home’s appeal. The biggest trend in residential real estate at the moment is that less is more, home owners are going for a minimalist design and keeping things simple. We have collected four homes across Australia that give a good representation of how good a home can look with great interior design.

1. 10 Carrington Parade, Freshwater, NSW

 The living room at 10 Carrington Parade, Freshwater, NSW The living room at 10 Carrington Parade, Freshwater, NSW

Why it works:

The focus on keeping large amounts of open space is the reason this room works. Because it has a lot of natural light coming in from the ocean, there is no need to flood it with artifical light and clutter the design. The room is focused on three feature pieces, the lamp, the cowskin hide and the fireplace with a slightly difference feature wall. This makes it pop when you walk in to the room and gives it an x factor.

2. 17 Fraser Street, Malvern, Victoria.

 The study and spacious area at 17 Fraser Street, Malvern.  The study and spacious area at 17 Fraser Street, Malvern.

Why it works:

Timber and white, two combinations that can’t go wrong. This room has an elegant design and isn’t overstated. It has a beautiful light in the middle of the room that helps it light up without being an overbearing feature piece. The desk has been finished with stained marble that breaks up the darker colours and there is an abundance of space. The addition of two comfy places to sit makes the room feel comfortable instead of factory like.

3. 261 The Esplanade, Torquay, VIC

Why it works:

This living area perfectly integrates indoors and outdoors. With a sliding door that closes off the area, the room feel very natural and earthy, however still quite classy. Focusing on a few feature pieces, the room is filled with a large, spacious couch and has elegant artwork scattered on the walls. It is the perfect room for those wanting to get a bit of natural warmth, without sitting in the sun.

4. 1030 Portarlington Road, Curlewis, VIC

Why it works:

This room works for so many reasons. The room itself is actually in a traditionally designed church, which means the room structures are very confined and narrow at the top, this works however because of the integration of old and modern design. The exposed brick gives the room a very natural feel, however it has been warmed up with some basic additions, the couch and light make it cosier and the flowers and chandelier give it a more personal feel.

5. 286 Williams Road, Toorak, VIC

 The kitchen space in this Toorak home has cleverly integrated design.  The kitchen space in this Toorak home has cleverly integrated design.

Why it works:

The use of two main colours offset against each other really works here. There is a strong focus on the natural timber and also the grey stone. They work nicely together due to how contrasting they are. The room is filled with light and cleverly opens up to an outdoor area making sure the room doesn’t feel cluttered, a very luxurious finish has been attained by focusing on one feature being the kitchen bench top, and nothing else.

Take away: Less is more, all of the best designs inside these homes have focused on one or two feature pieces inside the room and working everything else around them. It is imperative to provide space and light to make the room feel open and the worst thing you can do is over clutter it, making the room feel small and cramped.

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Todd Schulberg
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