The ‘Prospects’ you can buy a home with.

Todd Schulberg
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House affordability has become a subject for debate in recent times with many people contending that it will be near impossible for them to ever own their own home. A lot of people are thinking outside the box with and coming up with ways in which they think they can get ahead, with many resorting to teaming up with others in order to secure their dream home.

So just who can you team up with when looking to buy a home? We looked at your possible dream matches.


This is the most logical suggestion, it is where most people start when looking for help and guidance on investing. Parents are a good partnership option as they are at the stage of their life when they most likely will have more disposable income than they did in previous years. The next thing however is if they want to give any of it to you. Parents are also good because they know your character really well, unlike a bank, they know the kind of person you are and how reliable you will be, ensuring you have less hoops to jump through.

Dream Rating Score: 4/5 (If you have a good relationship, this is a great option)

Do you bring your family relationship in to an investment relationship?


After your parents, your siblings are another option to look at investing with. Be warned however, parents are forced to love you, siblings are just obliged. There is more risk with going in to an investment with a sibling, as there can be many clashes in regards to how things are done and what the best decisions will be. Even the best relationships can be tested with money so tread with caution.

Dream Rating Score: 2/5 (this is a riskier path to go down, there is more volatility with a sibling)

They are your buddy now…. but how will it go down once money comes in to the picture?


This is dangerous. Let’s just get this straight. Get a piece of paper out and write down your five best friends when you were 15 years old, then write down your 5 best friends at 20 years old, and then your five best friends now. What this will most likely demonstrate is that your friends change, and therefore relying on them as a source of investment is a very risky approach to take.

Dream Rating Score: 1/5 (It would be best to avoid this option at all costs)

It all starts well……. How it ends is another story.


Look in to their eyes, is this the person you think you will be with for the rest of your life? Only you will be able to answer this, but one of the smartest or silliest investments could be with your current partner. In a way it is good as you already have trust in them, and you can pool your money together instantly, on the contrary if things don’t work out, having financial interests intertwined can be dangerous.

Dream Rating Score: this ranges largely between 1 and 5/ 5

When setting up the purchasing structure, you want to set it up so you both own the property as  “tenants in common, not as joint tenants” – This ensure that if something happens, this ensures that the remaining proportion of the property is correctly allocated and doesn’t put the surviving party under the financial pressure of the mortgage automatically.

There is no ‘perfect’ partner when it comes to purchasing a property with, however you can mitigate your risks by planning ahead and preparing for unexpected issues. Choosing a good prospect to invest with is essential to make sure you get the most out of the investment, and also ensures you can communicate effectively regarding any issues moving forward. Don’t jump in to buying a property until you have evaluated all of the pros and cons and know that person is going to stick around in your life for some time.

Todd Schulberg
Living and breathing property, Todd has a keen interest in the movements in the market and how agents can utilise new tools and technology in order to be more connected. Using all things social, Todd suggests different ways that agents can engage and think outside the square with their marketing approach.

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