Wicked wicker: 6 décor ideas

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4 min readWicker furniture and home décor is trending right now, and it’s easy to see why. Wicker pieces are remarkably versatile and can beautify any room, indoors or outdoors.

Typically made from organic materials it adds texture, warmth and visual interest, yet creates a chilled-out atmosphere. It feels modern, but gives a cosy, beach home vibe at the same time. It creates a trendy, eclectic look, while being effortlessly simple and fresh.

Here are six wicked ideas for using wicker to decorate your home inside and out.

 For sale: 31 Prince Street, Grange, QLD For sale: 31 Prince Street, Grange, QLD

What is wicker?

Before we get started let’s define what we mean by wicker. Wicker refers to a method of weaving, rather than an actual material. Weaving wicker is one of the oldest methods of making furniture, and may have originated as basket weaving in ancient Egypt.

Wicker can be woven from many different materials, including natural materials such as rattan or cane, and synthetic materials such as PE-rattan. There are many possibilities for this versatile and stylish weaving method- Wicker can craft magnificent pieces of any shape, style or size!

 For sale: 1775 Barwon Heads Road, Barwon Heads, VIC For sale: 1775 Barwon Heads Road, Barwon Heads, VIC

Idea #1- Outdoor setting.

The first idea is to give your garden a luxury resort feel with a wicker outdoor setting. Wicker can be weaved into almost any form, so it is perfect for creating stylish furniture of generous proportions. Round lounges and dining sets look modern and are perfect for socialising on.

 Image:  The Olympia Suite ,  Urbani Furniture Image:  The Olympia Suite ,  Urbani Furniture

PE rattan is a synthetic wicker that is best for the patio or garden furniture. It is a lightweight and durable material that’s made to hold up in extreme sun and rain exposure. Natural wicker will become brittle in the elements, so it’s best kept indoors. For a harmonious look choose wicker colours that blend with the rendering of your house, the material of your decking or the tiling of your pool.

 For sale: 15 Baramba Road, City Beach, WA For sale: 15 Baramba Road, City Beach, WA

Idea #2- Bedheads.

A wicker bedhead is a chilled-out statement piece for a stress-free resting spot. It can be intricate and ornate, with beautiful peacock or botanical inspired curves, that feel both delicate and simple.

 332 Picadilly Hill Road, Coopers Shoot, NSW 332 Picadilly Hill Road, Coopers Shoot, NSW

Simple whites, soft pastels, and neutral colours compliment this look, as well as lush pot plants and loads of pillows. This is a lovely idea for a little girl’s bedroom, or a modern bohemian style retreat for adults.

 25 Sebastopol Street, Caulfield North, VIC 25 Sebastopol Street, Caulfield North, VIC

Idea #3- Pendant lights.

Oversized wicker basket pendant lighting gives an Australian holiday home vibe and is a stylish addition to your décor. It softens a room and adds an earthy element, and is particularly fit for a relaxed bedroom or an island kitchen bench. Wicker is the perfect material for basket lighting as it is lightweight at any size, and can hang low without seeming too bulky and heavy.

 For sale: 100 Taits Road, Barwon Heads, VIC For sale: 100 Taits Road, Barwon Heads, VIC

Idea #4- Swing chairs.

A wicker swing chair is an attention-grabbing piece for your outdoor entertaining area that creates an alluring island getaway feel. Hang out in relaxed elegance with a book or a cup of tea. Combined with a spa and lush greenery you’ll imagine you’re escaping to a Fijian resort right in your own backyard.

 For sale: 100 Taits Road, Barwon Heads, VIC For sale: 100 Taits Road, Barwon Heads, VIC

Idea #5- Side chairs.

Wicker side chairs are stylish accent pieces that can offset a sofa. As we know, wicker can be crafted into almost any extravagant shape. Simple side chairs can create a coastal cottage vibe, and tone down the formality of any room. Large and intricate side chairs can create a feeling of bohemian royalty. Either way, the wicker side chair is the piece that will set a chic and sophisticated mood.

 For sale: 5 College Street, Manly, NSW For sale: 5 College Street, Manly, NSW

Idea #6- Storage baskets.

The idea that I’m most excited about is the humble wicker storage basket. Having enough storage is always troublesome, yet is the essence of a tidy liveable home. Large wicker baskets are wonderful for neatly and attractively storing blankets, pillows, towels, laundry, or toys.

Small baskets are perfect for storing kitchenware or bathroom items and as an earthy statement piece for the bench top. Your local op shop is a great place to find affordable wicker baskets to beautify your home.

Now that you know the wonders of wicker, you can try it out in your own home. A little wicker goes a long way, and will pop as a simple and fresh statement to complement a modern on-trend décor.

For more interior design inspo take a look at these 5 dashing home decor trends and how to set up a toast-worthy bar cart.

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Whitney Swope

Whitney Swope is the owner of Urbani Furniture, an outdoor furniture store in Perth, Western Australia. Urbani specialises in all-weather rattan and sells luxurious dining settings, settees, and day beds for the best in outdoor living.

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