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While you might want to have a dedicated guest room, especially if you’re planning on having regular visitors staying with you, sometimes you just don’t have the space for an extra bedroom. Whether you weren’t able to get the higher number of bedrooms, your household has expanded, or you’re using an extra bedroom as a home office, though, you can still be ready to have somebody stay with you by having a few essentials set aside in a guest room box.

New bedding: Even if you already have extra bedding, sometimes it’s hard to count on being able to pull out what you want at the right time. Make sure to have a box you can put aside that everybody in your house knows not to dig into. Having their own pillows, sheets, and blankets will help make your guests more comfortable, so go ahead and buy something new, even if it’s not especially high-end.

Towels: Like with sheets, you’ll want to keep some extra guest towels to make sure you have something clean and in good condition for your guests to use. Pack a couple of these in the box as well.

Lighting: Unless you’re setting up your guests in a family member’s bed that already has a lamp next to it, you’ll want to include something in the box that they can use as a bedside lamp instead of hunting for the light switch. A simple table lamp that works well is all that you need.

Beds: If you’re going to be setting up an air bed, you might want to try it out yourself first to make sure that it’s comfortable enough for somebody to sleep on regularly. You’ll also want to test pull-out sofas, which can sometimes be especially bad. If that doesn’t seem like a good option and you’re having trouble finding other space for someone to stay, you might want to consider setting up a Murphy bed along one wall.

Cords/chargers: Since your guests will probably have cell phones, laptops, or other electronics they’ll want to keep charged, make sure they know where to do it rather than leaving them to hunt for plugs. You might want to leave an extension cord in the box, as well as a spare charger or two that’s likely to work with their gadgets in case they forget, and make sure to show them where to use it.

Helping your guests be comfortable and feel at home while they’re staying with you, however long it might be for, can be a simple process as long as you make sure you have the right supplies ready for them.

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