Considerations when choosing the right gate for your home

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2 min readInnovations in new gate technologies have reinstated the formal entrance as an essential property feature. But with so many options in styles, colours, shapes and functionality it’s sometimes hard to choose what’s right for your home. Below we take a look at some of the styles out there and what homes they suit best.

Operational Features

Spatial environment is essential when considering the type of gate to install at your property. For instance, a swinging gate may be either internal or external in operation. If a property will not accommodate a swinging model, a sliding gate may be the best choice. Operational features in new gate products are electronic or standard. Most construction and real estate professionals recommend automatic gate products. Although more costly than standard models, sensor automated gates are more convenient, and also less hazardous to operate. Here are some of the most common operational features to consider when selecting a new gate system for easy installation and operability:

External Swinging Gates

Designed for an ascending walk or driveway, external swinging gates are recommended where the operation of an internal swinging gate would result in lodging the bottom, or a short driveway where internal swing would be blocked by parked cars inside the gate. If a property is a countryside estate or other large property, external swinging gates are the best solution to preserving a driveway, and avoiding interference with footpaths or landscape on a property.

Internal swinging gates

Better for properties with longer driveways, or entrances located on a main thoroughfare, internal swinging gates are the also recommended in instances where pedestrian traffic is present outside the boundary. When considering this type of gate installation, estimation of driveway space is critical. Taking into account parking and other activities performed in the area will determine if an internal swinging gate is right for a property.

Scroll Slider Gate

The top choice for properties where space is at a premium, the scroll slider gate is a versatile product that can also be manufactured to suit any type of architecture. A scroll slider gates tuck behind a fence, and do not swing either outwards or inwards, and leave maximum room for entrance to driveway or walkway. Scroll slider gates are the optimal choice for an urban or small property.

Architectural Style

Modern Architecture

The minimal and symmetrical style of aluminium slat fencing & gates lends itself well to homes with a contemporary architectural design. The popularity of aluminium slat gates and fencing in Australia has many property owners requesting these high value products. Installation of slat fencing surrounding contemporary architectural design offers versatility in formation and height. Aluminium is a common material used in slat gates and fencing, and can be powdercoated for custom effect – whether to match your paint colour or to make the slats look like they are timber (without the hassle of maintaining a timber gate!). Modular, quick to install, and easy to replace by piece, slat fencing streamlines the appearance of a property.

Traditional Architecture

Classic cottage architecture or Hampton-style homes beckon for a picket fence. Traditional fencing models are ideal for renovation of an older home or property. Add contemporary value to a traditional fence with new colour coatings and finishes. Again, aluminium replicas of picket fences and gates are a better alternative to the classic timber pickets.

Premium Upgrades

Ornate gates enhance the aesthetic of an otherwise boring exterior façade. Premium gate upgrades are not only design improvements; they are often dual-purpose. Look for a gate that is both beautiful and manufactured for installation of security infrastructure for more return on investment.

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Ricky Hee
Ricky Hee is Managing Director of Fencemakers, a leading provider of steel and aluminium Gates and Fencing in Perth, Western Australia. Find Ricky on Google+.

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