5 lawn mower designs you never knew existed

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4 min readFrom cutting-edge cordless designs to powered riding mowers and the highest quality lawn care on the market, mowing technology has boomed considerably. What was a once a push and shove solution that made the average household absolutely dread the task of mowing has now evolved into a great lawn mower renaissance almost anyone can enjoy!

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Thanks to the advances in lithium-ion battery chemistry and other great tech-initiatives, mowing machines have dropped their noise levels and advanced in power and performance. Mowing manufactures are pushing the limits when it comes to innovative designs and technology advancements with a strong focus on engine power, practicality and convenience. Some significant changes include saying goodbye to those dreaded oil changes and ensuring mowers have a better electric battery start.

Here are five lawn mower models that are a cut above the rest and you probably never knew existed:

1. Lawn mower scooter.

If there’s one way to have fun mowing the lawns – it’s with this cool cat! Imitating the look of a scooter, equipped with an electric engine and a collection grass sack, the lawn mower scooter will have your grass looking lush in no time.

Ideal for small residential lawns, you use this mower as if you were riding a scooter standing up. The ‘scooter’ has an electric motor which drives the blades and as the mower chugs forward, you can see the grass trimmings fill up from a transparent window on top. And if scootering isn’t your thing, you can always go for the John Deere motorcycle lawn mower for a manlier option!

John Deere

2. John Deere’s robot mower.

With the recent hype of the latest Star Wars movie, no doubt there’s a few homeowners that would prefer robots to mow their lawn. Thanks to John Deere’s robot mower – you can have your very own R2-D2 shaping up that outdoor space! Progressing from the robot vacuum cleaner craze, robot lawn mowers are designed to cut the grass without any assistance from you once a border line is set up around the yard’s perimeter.

Whilst they’re capable of maintaining up to 5 acres of grass without any gas, oil or pollution (this mower runs on batteries charged by electricity), preserving a steady lawn height and keeping the grass balanced, John Deere’s model is in the top 5 most advanced. Armed with a wide range of sensors to keep your very own robot away from obstacles, it can be pre-programmed for effective lawn maintenance without you even lifting so much as a finger.

Robot mowers are best suited to small surfaces up to 1800 square metres and have the ability to self-dock when batteries are running low. They are also incredibly quiet too, so you can program it to mow at any time. Make sure you understand what to look out for in a good robot mower before you purchase one, and you’ll never have to spend a weekend mowing the lawn again.

3. Solar powered mowers.

Solar power is taking the world by storm as homeowners become more environmentally conscious. We’re all familiar with solar panels for your property, but what about a solar powered lawn mower? Despite the older models not being as sleek as traditional mowers, solar mowers have developed into compact and simple designs that rely on the sun’s energy to power up.

Perfect for homeowners wanting to go green, these mowers operate on clean energy. If you want the best of both worlds you can have a solar powered robot mower connected to the electricity grid, like the Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid which is a greener way to lawn maintenance. Whilst you’ll need to consider that solar power will not always be available – especially if your outdoor space doesn’t soak up much sun, switching to a solar powered mower reduces a massive amount of pollution each year; all whilst keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy.

Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid

Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid

Nobody likes creating more work for themselves than they need too and thus, the almost maintenance free mower ticks many boxes for busy homeowners. These mowers have better designed engines that’ll only require a simple oil top up from time to time rather than a full drain and oil change. Manufacturers develop these engines so they are able to keep the oil cleaner and cooler through the use of air filters and other tech-tools.

Whilst there’s many mower models opting for these engine advancements, the Troy-Bilt TB230 is a good place to start. Complete with an internal fan and cylinder heads, this mower has the capacity to keep the oil 10 degrees cooler than traditional mowers without jeopardising on raw power and cutting ability.

5. The Muwi concept mower.

Really thriving on innovation, the Muwi mower turns grass clippings into art all whilst leaving a well-maintained lawn behind for the family to enjoy. Invented by South Korean designers, this mower turns the ‘useless’ leftover trimmings into grass objects than can be used for children to play with, a chair to sit on or any other arty opportunity you would get some use out of.

The Muwi mower sizes up the area to cut and begins it job automatically. As the clippings accumulate inside the barrel-shaped mower, the Muwi works by compressing the cut grass into two types of blocks. It eliminates the needs to dispose of the unused clippings yourself and its smart design goes hand-in-hand with repurposing and its endless benefits. Plus, it makes for a fun weekend with the family!

Muwi mower

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  1. There’s a lot of crazy lawn mowers that I’ve never heard of or seen. I think I’ll still take the ride-on mowers that I’m used to, though! With the size of my lawn, I need the extra space to keep it maintained. Thanks for sharing this, though! http://www.coxmowers.com.au/range/

  2. I had no idea that solar powered mowers existed! I’m sure it would be an interesting experience to use. Right now, I just need a regular lawn mower for my yard. I’ll definitely keep the other types of lawn mowers in mind for the future though. Thanks!


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