How to transform your outdoor area with a patio

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4 min readWithout a doubt Australians love the outdoors. So, it makes sense that more and more homeowners are transforming their living spaces by merging the indoor world with the outside one. Utilising a well-designed alfresco area is the perfect way to create an additional room within your home. Taking advantage of the fresh air for outdoor living and entertaining makes the decision well worth the investment.

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Constructing a patio, outdoor kitchen, sitting area and deck space will add significant value to your home too. Aussies crave an outdoor space that works and serves multiple functions for use throughout all seasons. So, if your outdoor living room needs a makeover or you’re planning on transforming it completely with a new patio, now’s the best time to create your oasis. Here’s how!

A functional attraction

One of the biggest advantages of adding a patio to your outdoor space is how functional and attractive they are. By designing an outdoor living space personalised to your specific tastes and requirements, your house will instantly feel homelier.

Functional and attractive renovations provide the best return on investment too. A well-constructed patio space increases the home’s value, as it is an attractive feature to most renters and buyers. Patios can be customised to complement the home’s existing architecture, allowing you to seamlessly enhance and expand your living space.

Create a picture-perfect patio

To truly create a patio that is tailored to your needs, reflects your tastes and is multi-functional, you need to consider what style to implement. Gable is one of the most popular and cost-effective choices with its pitched roof and sleek appearance, or dome and flat styles are favourable too. Other patio styles include pyramid and hip-end, or pergolas and carports can easily transform the space too.

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The products used are another key consideration when creating your picture-perfect patio because they need to withstand harsh weather conditions, patios and pergolas should only be constructed using quality products. Look for a patio building company that uses products from Solarspan, Colorbond and SolarSmart, which are all covered by manufacturer’s warranties. Quality materials will be visually boosting too, and ensure your patio space lasts and can be enjoyed for years and years to come.

Add shade and privacy

To make your patio space comfortable all year round, it’s essential you add shade and privacy. The new ‘hangout zone’ should provide more shelter, privacy and shade to your property. Adding blinds can make the area a practical extension of the home, giving you complete control over comfort and style, as well as protection from the elements. Patio roofs can be made retractable or constructed from Louvre shutters to help block out or let in the sun as needed.

Floating screens, generally made from bamboo, can also be great way to up the privacy and shade. Utilising smart landscape techniques throughout the space can help with keeping cool and protected too. Curtains are an easy way to dress the space up, and they can be drawn or let down to transform the space and provide privacy and shade.

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Seating arrangements

An outdoor living and entertaining space wouldn’t be complete without adequate seating. Consider exactly what you’ll be using the area for to help determine what seating arrangements will work best. You can use seating to define different areas within the one patio space too. If the area is tight, try brightly coloured wicker chairs or small benches to open the space up. Think about using furniture that can be utilised as storage solutions for ease and convenience.

For sale: 9 Hubbe Court, Burnside, SA

For sale: 9 Hubbe Court, Burnside, SA

Don’t overlook indoor-outdoor living. Everything you see inside can be used outside to create a cosy, more comfortable, multi-functional outdoor room. Opt for furniture that’s high quality, easy to maintain and colour smart. A spacious table and snug chairs bring necessary comfort and function to the outdoor space.

Boost your space with essential accessories

For those that want to create that ‘wow factor’, boost the space with essential accessories. Adding an outdoor kitchen is at the top-end of the luxury scale, and will bring a level of quality and versatility to the home. For smaller spaces, you can invest in a fire pit table which can offer seating arrangements, warmth and visual interest. Decorative planters will help merge the indoor-outdoor spaces together and make a statement with pops of colour and depth.

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For more patio makeover inspiration and advice take a look at these relaxing outdoor reading nook ideas, hottest outdoor living designs for 2017 and a guide to patio building permits.

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