5 exterior projects to up your home’s style

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4 min readDoes your home have kerb appeal? There’s no denying that kerb appeal can help sell a house, if that is your aim. Or, it can just make your house the jewel of the neighbourhood if you have no plans to sell. Good landscaping alone can increase the value of your home by as much as 28 per cent.

There are many ways you can improve the outside of your home and update it. Some projects require more sweat equity than cash, too, so these projects can fit into any budget size. Here are five top exterior projects to instantly up your home’s style stakes.

 For sale: 89 Armstrong Street, Middle Park, VIC For sale: 89 Armstrong Street, Middle Park, VIC

1. Paint or replace your front door

Although it doesn’t cost a lot of money or take a lot of paint or DIY know how to change the colour of your front door, a pop of colour can make a huge impact. If your front door almost blends into the exterior of your home, then it’s time to figure out how you can make more of an impact.

First, consider the colours that will contrast with and complement your exterior. For example, if you have a white brick house, then a pop of red or blue will stand out and contrast beautifully. By the same token, you can up the elegance of your home by replacing a standard contractor’s door with a glass panelled or carved front door that adds extra interest and style to the exterior.

 For sale: 145 Belair Road, Torrens Park, SA For sale: 145 Belair Road, Torrens Park, SA

2. Upgrade your mailbox

Your mailbox may not be the first thing you think of when looking at and redecorating the exterior of your home, but in most houses it is the closest part to the street and can draw the eye to your property in either a good or a bad way. Your first step should be to upgrade to a higher spec letterbox or replace the numerals with shiny new ones.

Next, look at the landscaping around the mailbox. Can you add edging for a more manicured look? Will flowers add additional colour to the front of your home? The best place to start is by considering what style of mailboxes are already used in your neighbourhood. Which ones do you like the best? How can you replace yours with one that fits in with the general look of other homes in the street that won’t be too jarring with your home’s style?

3. Install a new garage door

Due to their size garage doors are particularly noticeable from the street, especially if they are cheaply made or the wrong style for your house. A home that is 20 or 30 years old may have outdated doors that are no longer in style. Swapping out your old garage door for a new one is a relatively inexpensive exterior change that can make a tremendous difference in the overall look of your home.

You might decide to replace your garage door because it is no longer working, but to really get the most from the project, you should consider the overall appearance of your home to choose a garage door that fits the style of your home. New garage doors can change the entire look of your home and remote control options can increase the functionality and appeal of your property to buyers considerably.

 For sale: 11 Shellbank Parade, Cremorne, NSW For sale: 11 Shellbank Parade, Cremorne, NSW

4. Invest in landscaping

What plants do you have in your yard and how are they arranged? This can apply to both your front and back yards, but the key is to have a nice mix of trees, shrubs, and flowers so that everything is balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

In some cases, home owners typically see between a five and 20 per cent return on investment for the cost of landscaping. Putting some money into landscaping, whether you do it all at once or invest in bits and pieces over time, has a way of paying off both in the visual appeal of your home and in resale value.

5. Change your roof

Another place you might not initially think to look to update is your roof. However, this is something that every single person sees when they pull up to your home. Trends change from year to year, but there are some roof types that instantly up the style of your home, such as slate tiles or colorbond roofing.

If your current roof doesn’t need to be replaced, take the time to look for broken tiles and replace them to neaten it up. Have the roof tiles professionally cleaned so that any unsightly dirt, moss, algae or grime that has built up over time is washed away and the overall look of the roof is revitalised. You can also extend your inspection to the gutters and make sure they are in good repair and fresh looking.

 For sale: Verner Street, East Geelong, VIC For sale: Verner Street, East Geelong, VIC

Even making minor changes, such as painting a door, adding some brightly coloured flowers, or washing the roof can make a huge difference in improving the kerb appeal of your home. These are just a few of the projects you can do this season to make your house the best looking on the block.

For more ways to boost your home’s visual appeal look at 11 must-dos for a successful open house, hallway overhaul: 4 decor tips and three ways to add value to your home.

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  1. I quite agree on re-painting your door or even other parts of your home. I’ve read from another blog (I forgot which blog it is) that changing the paint colour of your home interior or exterior, can increase the value of your home. Make sure to apply paint protection coating against UV rays, mould, salt air, and other elements for your paint to last longer.

  2. Totally agree with how a good landscape design can singlehandedly increase a home’s value by a significant amount. As a landscape service provider, it’s one of the many things we’d like homeowners to know and understand.


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