Sydney’s best suburbs for brunchaholics to live in

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4 min readIn our opinion, there’s no better way to start the day than with a delicious brunch. Luckily for Sydney locals, there’s plenty of incredible cafes throughout the city to choose from. However, some suburbs offer a much better and broader selection than others, with many dining options to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Looking for some fresh cafes in Sydney to try? Here are some of the best suburbs throughout the city and surrounding suburbs for brunchaholics to check out.

waffles best brunch sydney

Sydney’s best suburbs to head to for brunch

Surry Hills

Surry Hills is home to many charming cafes, sprinkled throughout the suburb. Reuben Hills is a popular brunch option, with an all-day brunch menu featuring overnight oats, soft-baked eggs, banana and walnut bread, a broken omelette roll, and more. Some other options scattered throughout Surry Hills include Haven Specialty Coffee, Two Good Eggs Cafe, Sample Coffee, Devon Cafe, and the Paramount Coffee Project.

Bondi Beach

Though Bondi Beach may be known for Australia’s most famous beach, the suburb is also home to plenty of cafes for both locals and tourists to enjoy. The Panama House is a standout, with menus orchestrated specifically for brunch. The menu features granola, breakfast bowls, burritos, omelettes, and more. It’s located conveniently close to the beach. Alternatively, Bondi has plenty of other spots to experience, including the Bondi Massive Cafe, Shuk Bondi, Bondi Hall, and Cali Press.

best brunch spots sydney bondi cafe


Located southwest of Sydney’s CBD is Marrickville, playing host to plenty of cafe options for brunch-goers to enjoy. Many of the venues surround Enmore Park, including the quiet, corner location of West Juliett. The cafe’s brunch menu features many classics, including smashed avocado, bacon and egg rolls, waffles, and banana bread. Delish! Other locations surrounding Enmore Park include Two Chaps, Double Tap Coffee, and Coffee Alchemy.

Potts Point

Potts Point is reasonably central with many of the suburb’s cafes stretching along Macleay Street. The area is known for a generous assortment of brunch spots, drawing in many locals and travellers to soak in the buzzing atmosphere. Some dining options along Macleay Street include The Farm, Coffee Tea and Me, and Douce France. Otherwise, away from the bustle and tucked into Llankelly Place is Room Ten, serving many colourful and fresh brunch options.


Annandale is located west of Sydney’s CBD, housing plenty of cafes for visitors to enjoy a delicious brunch. Many of the venues are plotted along Booth Street, including Fez And Co, the Clover Cafe, and the Mango Tree Cafe. A popular option along the stretch is the Stoneground Bakery, with an all-day breakfast menu offering eggs Benedict, omelettes, muesli, banana bread, avocado bruschetta, and more.

stoneground bakery best brunch sydney
Image: Stoneground Bakery


Redfern lies only 10 minutes from Sydney CBD, with a number of popular cafes located on Redfern Street. The busy strip is home to many brunch options, including Baffi And Mo. The all-day menu includes bruschetta, acai bowls, and vegan burgers. Otherwise, there’s Hunter’s Corner, Coffee Tea and Me, Scouts Honour, and more.


Neighbouring Redfern is Alexandria, with plenty of cafes throughout the suburb. A handful of worthy brunch options surround Alexandria Park and are situated reasonably close together. This includes Bread and Circus, Brunch and Co, the Two Tales Cafe, and the Sub-Station Cafe. Slightly further from these venues is Mecca Coffee, with a quiet location and trendy layout. If you are looking for an excellent kid and/or dog-friendly brunch option, you’ll love The Grounds of Alexandria.


Yet another suburb near Redfern, packed to the brim with plenty of cafes, Chippendale proves to be a popular spot for Sydney brunch lovers. Though a majority of the cafes are spread throughout the suburb, a collection of venues surround Abercrombie Street, including the Bean Brewers, Cafe Giulia, and the Font Cafe. On the corner of Abercrombie and O’Connor street is Something for Jess. The all-day menu includes corn fritters, bruschetta, granola, and plenty of other fresh options.

something for jess best brunch sydney
Image: Something for Jess

North Bondi

North Bondi has a range of cafes and restaurants perfect for brunch, conveniently located near the famous Bondi Beach. Many dining options are placed around Campbell Parade, including Parida Bondi, the Depot Bondi, bRU Coffee Bondi, and plenty more. Rocker is located on Hastings Parade, only three minutes from the beach, and has a brekky menu from 9 am. Visitors can choose between bircher, salmon and avocado, breakfast bowls, and more.


Newtown has a dense range of cafes within the surrounding streets of the Princess Highway. This includes Black Star Pastry and Bermuda on Australia Street, Brewtown on O’Connell Street, and the Vintage Cafe on Station Street. Either Or is located on the busy strip of King Street, with a menu specifically for brunch. Choose between porridge, poke bowls, pastries, eggs, and more.

We hope you have a few new ideas to try out for brunch this weekend. Did we miss your favourite Sydney brunch eatery or suburb? Please feel free to share your favourite brunch location in the comments.

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