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"Very, very quiet Maroota"

Despite being 83 kilometres north west of the Sydney CBD, Maroota is still a suburb of Sydney. It is in the local government areas of Hornsby and the Hills Shires and is part of the Hills District. It has a population of about 700 25% of whom are under 18 and 16% are over 60, with the average age being 37.

It is a rural suburb with houses on acreages. Most of the properties are small farms or orchards. It is also a sand mining area and is supplying much of the sand needed in the city.

For those who live in Maroota and work in the city, it means a very early start. However, the peace and quiet when you get home more than compensates for the travel. Primary school children are catered for with the Maroota Public School but older children need to travel to attend school.

Maroota is not far from Wiseman’s Ferry which is a very popular destination for Sydneysiders and tourists on weekends.

There are no shops or amenities in Maroota. Residents need to travel for shopping or entertainment or they make their own entertainment.

Maroota is definitely a suburb for people who love a very quiet life.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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