Melbourne rental advice for new move - would appreciate all help

Hi I am wanting to move to a area that is a little low key with good greenary lakes etc and have had trouble with areas around heathmont and Lilydale that I absolutely love with my price range
I am coming solo from house sharing and want to come home to something of my own maybe two bedroom old fireplace look floor boards in a provincial kind of finish
I dont know the areas outside where Ive lived prior in Mornington peninsula, Geelong and Berwick and am open to all suggestions as I dont know the regions that I havent work in
Any idea of groups on Facebook or more sites or private rental help would be appreciated
Basically I am hoping for a tree change with still access to the main roads to travel on and not be outside Melbourne past slight city area if I need to be as I have family here
Can you suggest the most suitable places that come to mind
I have stayed far too long in modern places and am all beach living out
Needing a small town feel but not countries
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