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Hey guys just looking to get some opinions on Midway Point? I have a small family looking to move from QLD in the near future. If anyone could help that would be great!!!
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KaTra 2yrs+
What would you like to know about midway point? Have you read the suburb reviews? This is what one user had to say.
"I've been living at Midway Point for over two years now and I have to say I love the place. Moving from Bellerive my main concerns were the distance to town, and the lack of retail in the area. I must say the distance has not been a problem at all, I get to my job in the city in 20 mins on most days, but on the odd occasion 30 mins due to heavy traffic which is almost never! Retail outlets are also closer than I had thought with Sorell 5 mins one way and Cambridge Park 5 mins the other. Sorell is a rapidly growing town and you can get most of what you need there, and Cambridge Park has anything else you need, from Harvey Norman outlets to Anaconda or Mitre 10 they pretty much have it covered. Not to mention the DFO that is soon to be built at the airport, we feel spoilt for options! Our house is on a large block with views of both Mt Wellington and the beautiful Pitwater lagoon, as most houses in Midway Point do. For someone who needs to work in the city but would like to come home to a peaceful and quiet area with stunning views, Midway Point is the place for you. My partner commented just after we had moved down that she felt like she was coming home to holiday house, as it is such a relaxing place and the people are so friendly. Public transport in the area isn't great but from experience in our old place, having a bus stop in front of your house often attracts trouble so this was no concern of ours. I have read in a previous review that hooning was a problem in the area, I think this happens no matter where you live but recently it hasn't been a problem at all. So to sum up, I love kayaking in the lagoon, walking the streets with my partner for exercise and a bit of gardening which is great due to the large block sizes in the area. It suits us perfectly and we love our little secret!"
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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