Living in Moggill

We are just about to move to Moggill and I have a few questions.

When is the best time to leave in the morning to avoid traffic into the CBD?

Are there any great walking tracks, parks, etc?

Where is the best swim school for primary aged children?
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Hi Heather
Welcome to Moggill! Traffic wise its a bit tricky as you get either the early morning trades traffic from 6.30am or the school commute from around 7.30am - then the office workers from 8am. I don't go right into the city very often but it takes 30 minutes from Westaway Park area to Indooroopilly leaving at 7.30am. I used to go to Nundah via the tunnels and so long as you stay to the far right on the centenary is about 40 minutes. There are park and rides near Pullenvale and again just outside Kenmore.
There are lots of great walking tracks, Anstead Reserve is lovely and very accessible for youngsters too, the walks on the opposite side of Mount Crosby road are more challenging but the views are great. Priors Pocket Road will take you down a lovely river walk. Park wise you have Westaway Park, that has food trucks visit every so often which is great - there's a basketball ring there and a good play area with bbq's and picnic tables. There is another park planned I believe for Priors Pocket and Anstead Reserve has plenty of room for a family game of cricket or footy with covered picnic areas. Booker Park in Bellbowrie has a huge dog park and a really good kids play area with zip line. There is also a park behind Pullenvale Marketplace and another at Rafting Ground.
Swim school wise there is one within the Bellbowrie Plaza area which I've heard is good, Bellbowie has also had its pool refurbished and that has fantastic facilities and swim schools too.
Wishing you all the best for your new move and hope you love Moggill!
Warm regards
Rebecca, Green and Co Real Estate.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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