Living in Moranbah enquiry please

What is Moranbah like to live in (putting aside the living costs of housing please) ,Will if come, have a teenager/adult (studying Uni distance atm) and a younger child, coming (another teen/adult come off and on - training career).
Which school is best for a later primary student if come, coming from a private school and why please (respect, values, education standard and discipline boundaries and consistency) ?
Is there someone in town who does guitar lessons for children?
What is the price of petrol and of basic living items bread, milk ect.?
Are there any pretty areas in town to just chill out for a little while during day, not shopping?
How noisy is the town and are there birds ? I know some of this may sound silly questions but it gives a picture of what the town is like knowing it is a mining town.
What about part time jobs for myself as husband may be at mine if come? (We may be coming from a remote mining town so have an idea of remote and limited shops, this doesn't faze us much ). Thank you in advance.
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