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22nd January 2020

"Moreton Bay community island archipelago"

Have you visited Russell Island? The largest of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands has the most commercial business industry and has the fastest infrastructure growth of all the islands. Currently there is huge NBN installation giving fibre optic connections to every house and a second mobile phone tower currently being constructed on the south of Russell Island in addition to existing mobile phone tower and exchange near the Russell Island Primary School.

For fishing, there's a jetty at the northern end of the island, with a nearby fenced swimming enclosure for cooling off on a hot day.

This is an ideal spot for picnicking in the foreshore park adjacent to the small beach. Sandy Beach is also a fantastic spot for fishing or simply relaxing on the grass, with nearby picnic tables, barbecue area and toilets.
Free camping is also available there.

Walk on ferry is FREE between any of the 4 islands including Russell Island. Creating a unique and diverse community archipelago.
Ferry from Redland bay marina to Russell Island is $5 each way with your Adult GoCard.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids

Hi Dave. We are thinking of buying land build on Russell Island. Any chance you can email ([email protected]) me some tips for construction on the island, recommend builder, building process, council rate, insurance etc...We have built before in Melbourne , but i guess it is totally different up there. Thanks.

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