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10th August 2020

"Mount Samson/Samford Valley Village"

This is the Burradoo of South East Queensland. Take a scenic drive through Ferny Grove or take the Samsonvale Lake Road to the exclusive locale of Samford Village and Mount Samson. Nestled into the foothills of Mount Glorious and Malia Park, go for a drive around the beautiful, stunning homes and have a scrumptious picnic in the park. The main street is lined with trees, cafe's and lovely homeware shops. There's also an antique shop selling exquisite French pieces, a museum and even a Harry Potter shop located in an old church which is next to a converted church hall cafe called, appropriately The Flying Nun selling homemade nibbles and delicately made meals. There's also a fantastic IGA selling beautiful fresh food and even has a deli with giant size prawns to add to your picnic.

It's a lovely place for a day trip to grab some fresh air from the city or even as I've done, buy a rural property here and enjoy the crispy cool mornings with a fireplace going and be able to watch the sunrise over the mountains.

A great place to be, come and visit.

Who lives here?

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