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28th January 2021

"Mount View Magic"

Mount View is a simply gorgeous locality in Hunter Wine Country on the fringe of Cessnock. An elevated position atop the Pokolbin Mountain range delivers the most spectacular views in the area. Check out Bimbadeen Lookout or venture up Mount Bright Road for a few vantage points. A leisurely roam up Pokolbin Mountains Road will also open up some visual delights.

A pleasant drive can be had through the Mount View locale by starting on Mount View Road in Cessnock (just up from Aldi) and following it out past Mount View High School before turning left and continuing to head on an ever increasing climb up to Bimbadeen Lookout. Passing by established vineyards and wineries and of course, one of the region's feature restaurants (Bistro Molines), the beauty of the area will quickly be recognised.

From Bimbadeen Lookout, it is worthwhile continuing along Mount View Road through to Millfield (about another 10 kms) so as to enjoy the splendour of the rolling countryside and the enveloping relaxation that will wash over you. That will pretty much give you the 'cooks tour' of Mount View. From Millfield you can turn left to head back into Cessnock or turn right and head out to the village of Wollombi (about 15 mins or so) for a different experience in that quaint village. From Wollombi, access through to Broke and the Broke Fordwich wine region (30 mins) can be explored before heading back into Pokolbin. Alternatively, turn left at Wollombi and head off to Sydney and Central Coast.

In a nutshell, Mount View is a beautiful place to visit but a more remarkable place to live.

James Harvey - Sales Agent, Cessnock

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