What is Newport brisbane like to live in

It would be nice if people could give there opinion of newport scarborough area to live in.
What are the school and facilities like for families are there professional types of families living there or is it just majority older people
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Hi Pait1

My family and I purchased land and built in Newport and have been there around 18 months. The older area is largely retirees but the new area is a mixture of professional type families with with young or school aged children. The area is great overall with plenty of good schools. Our children are due to attend school in the next couple of years and we have chosen Mueller College due to it excellent reputation and great facilities. There are plenty of other good options as well which are all nearby including Grace, Southern Cross College and a myriad of public schools. The area is good to live in with plenty to do for kids. I believe it is a bit of a hidden gem at the moment with house prices still relatively affordable for beach type suburbs. I think it the next few years it will increase significantly in price (hence why we bought in the area). One issue that does annoy me is I work on the south side of Brisbane and traffic isn't horrible but can be annoying once you get off the peninsula.

Overall good place to live with loads of potential.




Thanks John for your comment. Is Newport the most expensive and prestigious in the Redcliffe peninsula? Why do you think it will increase significantly in price in the next few years?


I think the ocean front properties in Scarborough, Redcliffe and Margate are similar prices to the canal properties in Newport so I wouldn't say it is the most expensive or prestigious but definitely up there. As a general rule the area is much more presentable than the older areas of the peninsula. My thoughts on why the value will go up is pretty simple. The area is basically on the water (unusual for Brisbane), its still cheap when compared to water front areas in other capitals, the majority of the houses are large modern and well presented, public transport is readily available (train and bus), a lot of the buyers are coming from our southern neighbours (Sydney and Melbourne) with large waiting lists to secure registered land for new builds meaning demand is high, there are heaps of decent schools and activities for kids/families. I think all of these key factors and the change in office environments post Covid put it in a good position to achieve capital growth.

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