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We hear from a lot of first home buyers and young investors that getting in to the market is hard. And it is. However with the feedback of over 500,000 ratings and reviews, we have compiled some of the best value for money suburbs in Australia. Here is a collection of the best cheap suburbs where your cost of living will stay lower than anywhere else.


1. Noble Park, Melbourne, Victoria – Review by McFarlane 

Cheap houses

Great prices on houses through Noble Park. Awesome place for first homers, just avoid houses near stations which is the only place you’ll ever run into trouble. other than that, just a nice suburb for young families or first homers.


2. Cabramatta, Sydney, NSW Review by livewell 

A safe, friendly and affordable place to live

Nowadays, Cabramatta is a safe; friendly and very convenient suburb to live in. 
It has been home to many Australians with Asian heritage and now it is home to many young talented Australians and their families. The suburb has excellent train line to all different Sydney regions including Sydney CBD, providing the the absolute convenience to local residents who might prefer to train to work. 

It offers vibrant environment which offers endless number of nice restaurants, cafe, fashion shops, recreational venues and financial services. There are excellent public facilities such as primary high schools; social services; churches; recreational parks and sport grounds. University of Western Sydney & University of Sydney campuses are within easy reach (15-25 minutes). 
The local government has been looking at opportunities to provide further infrastructure for the area.

New car parks; new roads and foot paths have been built and upgraded recently. 
Cabramatta is a unique and fast growing area which attracts more and more Australian from all different states to come and live here. Its affordability in terms of housing costs and other living expenses are other important factors for family’s consideration.


3. Ingle Farm, Adelaide, South AustraliaReview by Willowtea

Good value, Family Friendly and close to everything!

After 10 years I still believe this is one of the best value suburbs in Adelaide – close to everything – shops, schools, child care, restaurants, transport, parks – but without the fuss and the price tag!


4. Coolbellup, Perth, Western Australia- Review by Melinkakov

Hidden gem of a suburb, so close to Freo, still cheap, family friendly

Cooby, Cobiaco, or Subi by the sea as it’s sometimes known. Coolbellup is a great little suburb, fantastic for young families and retirees. Gorgeous well kept parks abound, there is almost one at every turn. Cute picket fences and cottage style homes with jarrah floor boards on large blocks are the norm. The local shop has all the basics you require, there is even a medical centre, path lab, podiatrist and optician! Very close to the fwy so it takes no time to get to the city. Plenty of busses come through to take you to either Murdoch or Fremantle train stations. There are plenty of choices in regards to childcare, there is a Buggles and a family daycare home. Merelinga is also at your door for support for parents, and there is a weekly Mothers group run at Hargreaves park every Wed morning, all welcome. 

Home are still very affordable when you consider that each suburb surrounding Coolbellup will generally charge you $100K more for a smaller block. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before Coolbellup’s true value is realised.


5. Youngtown, Tasmaina- Review by docwatson

Outer Suburb

Affordable outer suburb of Launceston. Lived hear as a job transfer from Melbourne for 1 year. 
A fairly quiet, peaceful place, I enjoyed my time here and found my neighbours very friendly. Most of the housing stock is 50’s to 60’s style weatherboards with an average price of $250000. Shopping is available in Launceston central which is only a 10 minute drive or Centro Meadow Mews which is a 5 minute drive(nothing is very far away in Launceston) Would I recommend it? Depends.If you like the quiet life and very cold winters you might find it very convivial. If,on the other hand,you like socialising and going out you would probably find it fairly dull. Like I said, I enjoyed my time here but I probably wouldn’t contemplate permanently moving to Tassie

If you think your suburb is good value for money make sure you tweet us your thoughts and add your reviews! 

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