Mossman best ideas to move?

Hi there in Mossman / Pt Douglas area.

About us: I am an Australian lady moving from The Netherlands to back home to Australia, next year in mid-2022. I have done many months of homework and see that Mossman was a great place that ticks all the boxes for us. We are a professional couple, I am very community-minded. I own my own business in Interior Decorating (all computer-based so I can live anywhere). My husband is Dutch, with a job with the Government in Holland, a background in I.T and Banking but he will be looking for work once we set up in Qld and maybe totally changing his profession.

My question:
We will sell our home here and move with our dog to Mossman or the outskirts of it, and buy our first base home. The dog is not an option to sell or give away. But not a problematic dog, he is an indoor dog, very clean, and has a long list of training certificates ( but he can be outdoors in Qld as it's warm, unlike here where it's constant winter almost). When we land, we wish to buy a home. But that takes time, unlike a rental. So, we not sure the best way to live there till we find the right home. I have thought of buying a caravan and living in that for the time we are searching/looking to purchase a home. We know rentals have locked-in lease agreements in Australia and are not dog-friendly most times, also we see a huge shortage of rentals. We are looking for something that is not a locked-in lease (maybe a month-by-month lease is great) and affordable. Could be land to place a caravan on with a dog, or a shed (we don't mind roughing it) but it will need to be powered.

So, I am just reaching to see if any locals have any ideas on how we can plan our living situation for a few months (maybe up to a year) till we buy our home in Mossman? I am super excited about it and see that Mossman even has a bowls club that I would love to join. :-)

Regards KM.
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