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Hi there, I am thinking of moving to PD, as a single woman (no kids) in her late forties wanting a change of lifestyle and pace. Will it be easy to make friends? and where should I be looking to live (nearer the top end or towards the bottom end of the beach) in terms of community? I guess the top end is where most of the activities take place but are there long term residents there too? Do any residents ever feel isolated or because of community, this is not an issue. Thank you
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Port Douglas and the greater region is a beautiful place to live with a real small town feel. If it gets too small you can always escape to Cairns and the tablelands. There is residential properties in all parts of Port. It is generally more expensive the closer you get to town. There is a shuttle that runs in and out of town all day and late into the night as well as taxi's & Ubers.
It is an incredibly social town so meeting people and making new friends will not be a problem. Feel free to call me on 0417709667 if you would like to discuss more.
David Cotton
Raine & Horne Port Douglas

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I moved to Port Douglas when I was in my 40's - no children and wanting a change of lifestyle and pace after the big smoke of Sydney (plus to get away from a long term relationship). I didn't know anyone here so it really was a pin in the map type of move. I started off living in the centre of town (as there were no real shuttle buses at that time) so I could walk to the bars, restaurants and cafes on the main street. Many times I would take myself out to the local bars and listen to live music and not feel that people were looking over thinking I was 'on the pull'. There is a lovely community here with many community activities to become involved in, from arts, theatre, literature, dance. I enjoyed getting involved with Paws and Claws and dog walking and I also am involved with Reef Restoration projects - you'll no doubt find something and someone with the same interests and outlooks.

After about 5 years of being a central lass I moved (and left my central PD possie) about 4 km up the road to the Four Mile Area. This is where many people live and work and it is a lovely beachside community. It's always hard to meet people in a small community, but since a majority of people here are fly ins from all over the world and the rest of Australia most people are very welcoming to a newbee. With Cairns down the road it is great to be able just to get in the car and drive one of the most beautiful coastal routes in the world along the Great Barrier Reef Drive to get there (the journey is definitely part of the destination). I have lived on many islands and Port Douglas does have that island vibe - but you can leave very easily if you do go a bit stir crazy. There is a cinema 45 minutes away and an international airport only 1 hour away, so certainly, pre covid it was easy to get to different shores.

You don't say where you are coming from, but I can assure you that one thing we all have in common here is that we all agree that we are all living in Paradise... and a bad day in Paradise isn't as bad as bad day anywhere else!

If you would like information on where to live, where to go, how to get here , what to do, go to this link to read the Port Douglas Magazines or https://tourismportdouglas.com.au/port-douglas-magazine - or you are welcome to just call me - Rosie 0425 345 771

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Thank you so much David and Rosie for your comments, that is very nice of you to write such lengthy and informative replies. I am probably coming up this weekend for a week to get a feel for the place and decide from there what to do from there. I shall be in touch.
Best wishes

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