Is Raby NSW 2566 safe to live? How's the school around the area?

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Anonymous Nov 12, 2018
I live in Raby and I went to the primary school there a few years ago and I absolutely hated it! The bullying is really bad and the teachers won't do anything about it. When you don't understand something most teachers won't explain it and will tell you to skip the question you're stuck on.

As for the suburb itself, there is lots of reckless driving, speeding, people smoking and drinking and theft. There is also lots of rubbish on my lawn from where people just throw it on the ground and last year a man broke my window so he could rob my house but luckily my dogs scared him away.

I now go to Robert Townson high school and it is even worse than the primary school. Students swear and abuse the teachers, smoke and take drugs in front of the teachers, beat other kids up and sit at the back of the class on their phones not paying attention to the teacher. The only reason they get away with this is because the teachers are scared of them. About every second year the school has to have a lock down because some student did something dangerous. For example the other year a boy started a fire at school. If you don't believe how bad it is then watch this video of the high school.
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