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"Lush Green Oasis"

Samford is a lush green oasis on the northern fringe of Brisbane city, out past Ennogera. It has a delightful feel to it and the local Steiner school is an excellent alternative to state schooling systems. There are a few great restaurants in town that cater for those who like quality food, and an awesome country style pub with a jumping atmosphere on a weekend night. The boutique specialty shops in town are lovely to browse through and the little park in the centre of town is perfect for a picnic. The real estate market is strong making it expensive to buy, but once in, your property will continue to gain capital.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

Looking at renting for a year in Samford ??? New to Brisbane but dont want to be near the city .. have been in WA for 2 years and cant wait to leave. Anybody any ideas on best green leafy areas, pest free would be good as I have pets :)


Samford would be a nice choice.... or Dayboro. If you are going to rent in Samford, then a year is a good term to try it out. A word of warning though..avoid the team of people who look like undertakers in their corporate photo, plastered basically everywhere. When I arrived to view a property there was an initial look around and then "Wanna see the house?" asked the property manager in a very tired yet threatening manner...she looked as likely to start a brawl as to show around yet we agreed. I figured it was just a bad day for the woman. Wrong. We took that property for lease and the initial presentation never became warmer. The house wasn't cleaned and so we had to do that ourselves and during the course of the term, everything they could have bungled, they did. A routine maintenance person didn't show up at all and we contacted them to ask about it.....Whose fault was that? Ours, the tenant because he had "other things on his mind" as the Property Manager Director put it (snapped). No consistency with the property managers she sourced out to us for inspections..they changed frequently and with each new one they became increasingly abrupt and rude during our tenancy. If you know your rights during a blatant breach on their part, they will do anything to humiliate. Their behaviour reiterates that you as a tenant are nothing more than an ATM, you are not their client and you mean little to them. Covid lockdown? The sentiment and message was "We Care For You. You Still Have to Pay Your Rent. If Things become Difficult, Phone THESE People...(insert helpline). We paid our rent, early each time. We were polite, professional and clean, tidy, quiet tenants and yet it made no difference. Jut avoid those people unless they have the property you really want to rent and if so, just be warned! Samford is pretty and quaint but protect your energy!

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