Best streets in Alexandria

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Belmont St

Ranked 1st best street in Alexandria

"Alexandria is a well cushioned suburb !!!"

- devb
Belmont St is one of the best streets connecting two famous parks - Alexandria Park and Sydney Park. We love living in this street well connected to schools and transport.
-33.9031500021 151.1923024862

Henderson Rd

Ranked 2nd best street in Alexandria

"A road even quieter than many streets."

- Bouse
I've been living on Henderson Rd for nearly 2 years and it's been exceeding my expectations day by day. There are an awesome dry-cleaning shop, a great full-serviced post office, even a medical centre...
-33.8966579073 151.1991463358
Ranked 3rd best street in Alexandria

"Very convenient with a large, beautiful park with sports fac..."

- NickyNicky
A successful mix of residential, commercial and green space. Good for those who love inner city living. I've lived here for 22 years and I absolutely love the convenience. Won't be moving any time soo...
-33.9041369644 151.2011817321
-33.9077221103656 151.192221702421 7