Best streets in Bickley

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Elson Rd

Ranked 1st best street in Bickley

"Awesome Elson!"

- Gradgrind
Just visit and see, it is awesome.
-31.96796 116.0852

Croxton Rd

Ranked 2nd best street in Bickley

"Should have been called Caffeine Rd"

- Boldwood
Where else in Perth can you get not just one but four specialty coffee varieties from Madagascar, each in four different strengths? If you adore coffee you must visit the Crox. Forget Brazil, this i...
-31.97746 116.07432
Ranked 3rd best street in Bickley

"I love living here"

- Beverdee9
Nowhere else in bickley can you get a feeling of olde worlde charm combined with mod cons like fibre optic Internet (super fast!) and vibrant cafes. I will never live anywhere else now!
-31.97168 116.08268

Gunjin Road

Ranked 4th best street in Bickley

"Posh city"

- Sissy_Jupe
If you can afford to buy in Gungin Rd you probably aren't reading this, you probably have some servant to read it for you. Exclusive doesn't begin to describe it. I would love to live here but no wa...
-31.98437 116.13123

Asher Rd

Ranked 5th best street in Bickley

"Urban paradise"

- Bilbo12
Fantastic neighbourhood, not a ghetto at all
-31.95391 116.11087
Ranked 6th best street in Bickley

"Speed bump circus"

- julians2
South Ledge Road used to be such a cruisy little street, nice old houses and a few cute little boutiques etc. But since the council rezoned it now half the houses have been knocked down and rebuilt w...
-31.96509 116.15334
-32.0057735077986 116.092755004426 7