Best streets in Canterbury

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Ranked 1st best street in Canterbury

"Brilliant place to live and a great investment"

- reallyrichman
Alexandra Avenue is simply superb. Its a quiet leafy street, that has a combination of old and new homes, although there is alot of redevelopment going on which is replacing the really old "tear down...
-37.8174938494 145.0729584239
Maling Road
Ranked 2nd best street in Canterbury

"What a classic"

- cheyne
One of melbourne's premier streets, a great place to take visitors as part of their melbourne experience.
-37.8257822839 145.0797749527
Ranked 3rd best street in Canterbury
-37.8191194344 145.0633551779
Ranked 4th best street in Canterbury

"One of Melbourne's finest residential streets (underrated)"

- kevfev
Mont Albert Road has to be considered one of the most beautiful streets within Melbourne. Starting from Elgar Road at Box Hill, the street bypasses through both the slightly more well do suburbs of Mo...
-37.8174631135 145.0727671786
Monomeath Ave
Ranked 5th best street in Canterbury

"The Quintessential Diamond Mile of Canterbury"

- kevfev
No residential street within Melbourne- barring St Georges Road in Toorak, Kooyongkoot Road in Hawthorn or Mont Albert Road in Canterbury- can rival Monomeath Avenue. A drive, let alone a walk, dow...
-37.8176646041 145.0745976693
Ranked 6th best street in Canterbury

"The best of Burke Road lifestyle with the Canterbury locatio..."

- Jason Spencer
We've lived in Allenby Road for about 6 years now. The location was what brought us to the area, it is so close to the city and great shopping down the road at Camberwell Junction. Although we can wal...
-37.8196863401 145.0589292153
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