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Ranked 1st best street in Collingwood Park

"A nice place to raise a family"

- DennyM
The motorbikes from previous reviews have largely gone now due to better enforcement of the nature reserve. The street is around 50/50 mix of owners and renters but no real problems with any of them....
-27.623463 152.847275

Unranked Streets

-27.626923 152.855265

"Skinner Street"

- joanne74
Collingwood Park is a beautiful estate. Quality homes surround our place in Skinner Street. It is a great place to bring up kids. The local Collingwood Shopping Mall is great and it is just a short ru...
-27.6232538056 152.8483638128

"Upper eagle street Collingwood Park...NOT the place to be"

- tonyabbottsux
From a first glance the new estate area in Collingwood Park looks fabulous and the place where you would want to raise your family, that is until you are subjected to the numerous unlicenced underaged...
-27.625408 152.851135

"Quiet and family orientated"

- MaryB3
Nice quiet street, safe for children to play out. 2 mins to supermarket, pharmacy and local bulk billed Dr surgery.
-27.6282842399 152.8534318131
McCorry Drive

"Quiet, secluded new estate. Close to public transport and sh..."

- Jeff
This is a new estate where homes are still currently in the building process. It will suit the family wanting to escape after a hard days work or a young couple wanting to start a family. Surrounded b...
-27.6215633337 152.8489921902

"Great Street with lots of Long Term Residents"

- mikeadd
Neighbourly Court - very few house sales - backs on to natural parkland with good local primary schools and childcare.
-27.6157303522 152.8553989076

Unreviewed Streets

-27.627642 152.851463
-27.61617 152.85199
-27.6111353424 152.8472573221
-27.6230113338 152.8521613979
-27.621174013 152.8640869082
-27.61611 152.85306
-27.6207027299 152.8505631337
-27.61921 152.85661
-27.6168931919 152.8514647186
-27.61463 152.85026
-27.61424 152.86311

Cairns St

-27.63118 152.84286
-27.6187732 152.8492816
-27.6208226785782 152.853648696875 7