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-38.18352 146.26894

"Marvellous Moe"

- andream
Moe is a beautiful country town, with all facilities for a pleasant life. Most homes have some sort of rural/mountain view, many spectacular. The town is very close, by freeway to the outer suburbs o...
-38.1880042911 146.2581191883

Eden Street


"One of the nicest and quietest streets."

- bellej
Eden street and surrounding streets are the best part of town to live- quiet, close to shops and transport and much nicer than living the opposite end (service road) ect.
-38.1719567616 146.2631462075

"Beautiful Views, Nice place, Adventure, Infrastructure, Supe..."

- JabbaTheHut
Moe is such an interesting place! * Scenic views * Access to mountains and obscure country villages * Excellent transport, water, and power distribution infrastructure * Proximity to the SE subu...
-38.1802315358 146.2510157915

"Great street"

- kenso
Bottom of Wirraway St is full of lovely old homes close to town centre and train station and close to many parks and schools great part of town
-38.196012 146.25258

"best street in Moe"

- Coolgrooves
Wouldn't live anywhere else.
-38.1894 146.24157

"Best-kept secret anywhere!"

- doodles
Arrived here by accident six years ago, bought a house as a temporary measure because real estate was so cheap the price came out of petty-cash, and I knew I could resell without m...
-38.18864 146.25554

"Moe is about lifestyle. Mortgage stress is minimal as housin..."

- andream
-38.18853 146.24714

Lisle Street


"Great quiet location."

- CleverCat
Lisle Street is in the quiet end of town, never see any undesirable types. All residents mind their own business whilst being polite and greeting each other with friendly smiles and welcomes. The hou...
-38.18676 146.271

"Nice Street, bad reputation from the past"

- macka
In the past this street had a bad rap because of people in units in the north end of the street. All good now. Wish the previous owner had bothered to clean the property upon taking over.
-38.1672712519 146.2672989625
-38.16545 146.2654

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-38.1890254044 146.2443631873
-38.17442 146.25828
-38.1810853095 146.246917678
-38.17796 146.2668
-38.19333 146.24894
-38.17094 146.26693
-38.1868397438 146.2439806967
-38.17928 146.24794
-38.1765090827 146.2648810756
-38.1787925364371 146.2642820433 7