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San Remo

Ranked 1st best suburb in Gippsland

"Best views of Phillip Island and a great place to raise a fa..."

- Kate Hanssen
San Remo: I still remember 25 years ago, when there wasn't much more than a few milk bars, the pubs and the best fish and chips going around. We'd stop on the way home in the Ford XY and grab garlic p...
-38.5284585275883 145.373595229736


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Gippsland

"Small country town with big town amenities"

- jackp14
Moe gets a bit of a hard time at times but those people are just jealous I think it’s great here. Got all the big stores a town that’s built for the locals. Nice library in the middle of town, great s...
-38.1787925364371 146.2642820433


Ranked 3rd best suburb in Gippsland
-38.4892211349943 145.291452460566

Venus Bay

Venus Bay
Ranked 4th best suburb in Gippsland

"Great place close to nature and the beach!"

- rocheaa
Stayed at Wildernest in estate 2 which was amazing! The house itself is big, with lots of sitting areas and spaces for a large group or family. Felt instantly relaxed! And then we stepped outside wher...
-38.6675913335546 145.78308889159


Ranked 5th best suburb in Gippsland

"Great little town"

- Jason Sheedy
Great little town close to Melbourne, snow, beach and camping spots, quite town and plenty of shops and things to do. Where I live I have never had any issue with crime or anything like that.
-38.1760362826673 146.283063686113


Ranked 6th best suburb in Gippsland

"One of the best place I have lived in Victoria"

- hazrat rahman
It's green beautiful people are bloody amazing nice friendly polite not too far from Melbourne City considering the house price in this area are pretty damn good I don't know how long these houses pri...
-38.3138256201591 146.436144660628
Ranked 7th best suburb in Gippsland

"Wild and Woolly Cape Woolamai"

- Kate Hanssen
Wild Coast, Cape Woolamai. Famous for being one of the most treacherous bits of Surf coast in the area, with it's many rips and unpredictability. Personally I love it for the wildness that it invokes...
-38.5532574715097 145.350472335201
Ranked 8th best suburb in Gippsland

"Great Lifestyle Town Close to everything"

- dsteve
Ever wanted to live in a friendly neighbourhood in a town that has all the services, however is also small to feel away from the hussle and bustle.... Well the 'burra is the town to be. 1.5 hrs fro...
-38.4254802905387 145.831191449682


Ranked 9th best suburb in Gippsland
-38.6430242397022 145.713227050985


Ranked 10th best suburb in Gippsland

"Better than I expected"

- sarahp59
My husband and I moved to Drouin last year from Boronia. I am a stay at home mum and my husband works in the finance industry. We had looked around the Berwick Pakenham and Officer and then decided t...
-38.1434438657373 145.815961710533


Ranked 11th best suburb in Gippsland

"A nice, substantial town close to Melbourne"

- matth25
Warragul is a flourishing town only one hour from the city, one hour from the beach and one hour from the snow. With a very healthy population growth rate and excellent road and rail access into Melbo...
-38.1655471643751 145.935985983807


Ranked 12th best suburb in Gippsland
-38.1297128621263 145.785293237513


Ranked 13th best suburb in Gippsland

"Enjoy living here. (Feb 2020)"

- suz000
Moved here 2 years ago. Everything is close and convenient. Footpaths almost everywhere in town, so, easy and safe to walk/run or cycle. Numerous kids playgrounds. Weekly parkrun too. Indoor Jump and...
-38.1815536724681 146.510657515417


Ranked 14th best suburb in Gippsland

"A beautiful town - a well kept secret"

- tkoot
I live in Wonthaggi, it's a very friendly town. The air is fresh and the wind makes you feel alive. Neighbors give me plants from thier garden. I love that unlike a lot of towns I feel safe going jogg...
-38.6336155236768 145.575257936638


Ranked 15th best suburb in Gippsland

"Laid back town"

- garyr6
I have lived in Morwell all my life and I've never had an issue, sure there is unscrupulous people around but just like any town I'm sure if you look for them, you'll find them. There are areas y...
-38.2589246447486 146.411052996481
-38.5148000585436 146.051765753252 5