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Best streets to live in Potts Point, NSW 2011

Top ranked streets rated by locals in the community.

Kellett St

4Ranked 2nd

"A hidden gem"

This street used to have a bit of a dodgy reputation but is rapidly gentrifying. As a result, it's still affordable if you get in now. In it, and especially at the far end (away from Bayswater Rd) the…
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Earl Pl

2.5Ranked 3rd

"A Sydney Classic"

I loved Victoria Street - just a few metres away from the hideous Darlinghurst Road sex drag of Kings Cross, but with a totally different vibe> i never experienced any bad behaviour in the street and …
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MacLeay Street

3.5Ranked 4th

"Strike a Pose"

I've lived on Macleay Street for 15 years and it's gone from being backpacker central and the main bikey route to The Cross for drug deliveries - to being the most trendy street in Potts Point with…
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Orwell St

1Ranked 5th

"All is well in Orwell"

Start the day full of beans at the petite Three Beans cafe at the Victoria St end of Orwell. Continue on past the colourful backpackers and end in indulgent style at the top of Orwell St in chic Frenc…
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