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Ranked 1st best street in Rangeville

"Pearl of Rangeville"

- Ellenbee
Pearl Court is a lovely, quiet, peaceful neighbourhood. There is no through traffic, and all the homes have been built within the last 5 - 6 years. It is close to High Street Shopping Centre, Rangev...
-27.5946233601 151.9818313731

Unranked Streets

"Toowoomba's Prime Golfing Location"

- REgan
The Middle Ridge Golf Course is the premier golf course in Toowoomba, and Fairway Cresent is the closest street for a golfing enthusiast. If you own your own golf buggy, and play at least once a week,...
-27.5976986528 151.9768863162

"Picnic Point's Closest Street"

- REgan
Tourist Road is the closest street to Picnic Point. Gold Park is also along it's northern edge. If you have kids and want a fantastic view over the Great Dividing Range, then Tourist Road has everythi...
-27.5792468967 151.9853557507

"Bordering the Waterbird Habitat"

- REgan
Aberdeen Street is a very quiet street, and is close to the Rangeville State Primary School and the Centenary Heights High School. There are also a few small shopping centres nearby. But the main t...
-27.5834081895 151.9723647309

"Peaceful Street full of new homes"

- REgan
A short street of new homes backing onto vacant bushland, which belongs to the Symes Thorpe home for the aged. Leith Crescent is a very quiet and peaceful street without any traffic or noise issues....
-27.59424 151.979097

"Perfect for kids - borders primary school"

- REgan
Weller Street borders the Rangeville State Primary School, so it is the perfect location for a family with young kids. It is also within walking distance to the High Street Shopping Centre as well as...
-27.58475 151.98004

"Expensive Street full of Mansions"

- REgan
Leslie street borders the range, and contains some of the nicest, and biggest houses in Toowoomba. Leslie Park huge and contains heaps of play equipment for kids as well as sporting fields. Duggan Bus...
-27.5832528027 151.9854923545

"Peaceful Street Bordering Park and School"

- REgan
Bowtell Street has a very kid friendly feel. It borders Rangeville State Primary School, and a large park. There is a kindergarten along it as well, which is perfect for any family with kids. The t...
-27.58582 151.98158

"Tiny Street with an Amazing View"

- REgan
Parkland Close is a really small street of about 6 houses, most of which have a great view over the range or the valley below. It also has a lot of bushland across the road. There is the Leslie Par...
-27.5951509922 151.9873228452

Quail Street


"New Development with Large Homes"

- REgan
New homes in a brand new development. Quail Street has some great landscaping to go with the large homes. It is within walking distance of the Water Bird Habitat, as well as the Hancock Street Park...
-27.591473 151.973462

"Walking Distance to Picnic Point"

- REgan
Apart from its community atmosphere, the main feature of Starkey Court is its proximity to Picnic Point - perfect for weekends, afternoons and special occasions. Picnic Point has a great restaurant an...
-27.58172 151.98593

Burke Street


"Wide Street Near Major Shopping Centre"

- REgan
Burke Street is a very wide street which is close to the Range Shopping Centre, which has everything for your general shopping needs. It is also close to the Warrego Highway and the Range, so if you l...
-27.5720769057 151.9770639011

"Great for Children"

- REgan
Wiangaree Drive really is a great place to live. Overlooking a huge park with a large playground, it is perfect for raising young children. The street has a great community, where everyone knows every...
-27.59478 151.98412

"Great Garden Street"

- REgan
Pigott Drive is one of the best looking streets in Rangeville. It has a great community feel, and there are several houses which always participate in the Carnival of Flowers. This gives the street a...
-27.59232 151.98409

"Friendly Street Close to Schools and Shops"

- REgan
Boshammer street is off Alderley and Rowbotham Street, but is has none of the noise issues, because there is no drive through traffic. It is within walking distance to Rangeville State Primary School...
-27.5902417938 151.9824324298

"Close to Schools, Shops, and bordering a Park"

- REgan
Kruger Street is a perfect for a young family with the desire for a peaceful street that has everything. It is within walking distance of Rangeville State School, and the High Street Shopping Compl...
-27.58104 151.9765

Unreviewed Streets

-27.5734497737 151.9686217873
-27.5725003774 151.9733892593
-27.5893402088 151.9816401278
-27.5801126232 151.9777195993
-27.5818330459843 151.984507861751 7