Best suburbs in Darling Downs

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Ranked 1st best suburb in Darling Downs

"A lovely town with all your needs within 5 minutes"

- andrewm41
IGA and Foodworks underpin a commercial centre that allows you buy all your needs without parking hassles or travel. its closer to Toowoomba's North Centre and West than some parts of Tooowomba on do...
-27.4920578244 151.6305410837
Ranked 2nd best suburb in Darling Downs

"All te advantages with out the disadvantages"

- Tess
Meringandan West is just 7km from Highfields where you will find a small shopping center with all you need. Good size Woolworths, hairdresser, post office good medical center, and chemist. Highfields...
-27.421239 151.891327
Ranked 3rd best suburb in Darling Downs

"Has it all!"

- rich-a
South Toowoomba has it all. Close to town, great schools and shops. Very friendly neighbourhood and very safe. Why would you ever leave?
-27.576448013216 151.957312261443


Ranked 4th best suburb in Darling Downs

"A wonderful, vibrant, safe community with core values and fr..."

- shazgun
I have lived in this town almost my entire life, went away for 10 years and returned to raise my family as I cannot think of a better town to bring up small children in a safe country environment....
-26.7758794686371 150.100266770929


Ranked 5th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Very quiet suburb to live."

- FredK
Rangeville is the best suburb we have lived in since we moved here 21 years ago. Very quiet and has all the amenities required for everyday family life. The only thing missing is a pub, which may or m...
-27.5818330459843 151.984507861751
Ranked 6th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Convenient location"

- laotzu
a very convenient location to everything: schools, shops, Uni, park, Japanese garden. It's safe and quiet as well.
-27.6024122917122 151.944199874599


Ranked 7th best suburb in Darling Downs

"A beautiful suburb with character"

- RyanC1
Newtown is one of Toowoomba's largest suburbs (geographically and by population). It is an inner city suburb with tree lined streets and plenty of old character homes and workers cottages on good siz...
-27.5509285868731 151.936598405236


Ranked 8th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Quiet and affordable"

- phillipl1
Although Rockville has a small industrial area between Mort Street and Vanity Street, the rest of Rockville is peaceful and nice to live in. There are 2 schools, 2 hospitals and is served by a regular...
-27.5406388886088 151.937954712053
Ranked 9th best suburb in Darling Downs

"A quiet rural village."

- MJHankins
We love living here. It's so quiet and safe, the local shop owners are friendly and so are the residents. You wouldn't know you were living so close to Toowoomba City. Kingsthorpe is a gorgeous little...
-27.4732207603474 151.822284306394
Ranked 10th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Quiet, central location"

- juliam13
We have been here for 4 years now and really happy with the area which is really quiet (Smithfield Estate). The location is perfect, close to hospital, parks and right in the middle of all major shop...
-27.5814477805994 151.929366541168
Ranked 11th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Clean, Green, Quiet"

- kaiser101
If you are after a relaxing lifestyle with a friendly neighbourhood, not much can beat Crows Nest. The town is big enough for most of the essential services, but small enough to prevent the suburban a...
-27.2379739769529 152.108782867613
Ranked 12th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Leafy suburb, close to the city"

- dj12
Only a few minutes to the CBD, the traffic is light, and there are few roundabouts and traffic lights. It's close to good schools and childcare. You can walk to cafes, local grocery stores, and a cou...
-27.5421945652874 151.975980748862


Ranked 13th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Great town where everyones knows everyone"

- Tye Thies
Great area where everyone knows everyone with plenty to do
-27.4456194553079 151.918856209253


Ranked 14th best suburb in Darling Downs

"A great place to raise a family"

- Donna Samuels
I moved to Chinchilla from Toowoomba in 2006 and was very apprehensive about the move due to the "small town syndrome" and thinking we would have nothing to do on the weekends. I was very much mistake...
-26.7419518160858 150.619818848593


Ranked 15th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Best town in south-east qld"

- sporty
Warwick has got it all! Friendly people that make you feel welcome. There are great job opportunities, great choice of childcare and schools (public/private). Very affordable to live and invest with a...
-28.2130177209295 152.021167901696
Ranked 16th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Good place to buy. "

- dunlookin
Good place to buy. You can get more house for your money. Most students are respectful towards neighbours (students need quiet to study as well). Real estate rental managers are very responsive to com...
-27.602471010429 151.922802266351
Ranked 17th best suburb in Darling Downs

"New Wave"

- yourm
Toowoomba has lots of money. its just a pretty town cause it has lots of trees and the cold weather makes you wear your good clothes . it double lane throughfares and grid layout make travel easy....
-27.5592308029783 151.949766716864


Ranked 18th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Great energy great town"

- katea14
I have lived in Dalby a while now, here are my thoughts. -Woolies/coles are good and Foodworks is the best as they are open longer hours. -Adequate shops - there is enough shops. -Toowoomba is 1 hour...
-27.1358430301626 151.19081792339
Ranked 19th best suburb in Darling Downs

"Not nice"

- joshd4
yeah the houses here are cool and all but the people here are not. my neighbors are just terrible because they party all night and are always doing dumb things. there are others down the street from m...
-27.5635506396637 151.970528851157
-28.2267675615068 150.372897586022 5