Best streets in Seaford

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Ranked 1st best street in Seaford

"Lots of speed bumps but worth the journey"

- RobertTUCKER
a few round abouts and speed bumps and you finally hit Milroy, great tucked away street, cut through the park and over the train line and your at the beach by foot in under 10minutes
-38.0873 145.13366

Kananook Ave

Ranked 2nd best street in Seaford

"How beautiful is this street! Amazing!"

- camhill
Love the creek flowing besides the road
-38.1139172292 145.1285425033

Scott Street

Ranked 3rd best street in Seaford

"great street"

- marketman
scott street is so quiet it runs off mitchell st and mats live down here you can't go wrong!!!!
-38.1082310967 145.1335012207

Rosslyn Ave

Ranked 4th best street in Seaford

"Perfect place for raising children and beachside living"

- Nola
We have lived here for several years and have found the street perfect for raising young children. An active Neighbourhood Watch and Kananook Creek committee keep the area clean and safe. The local...
-38.1247908903 145.1291025789
Ranked 5th best street in Seaford

"Good Street and Good People / Alot of people stay / We all s..."

- catloch
Been here 17 years and are finally moving !!! IT WAS VERY SUDDEN !! Be an emotional day for me as i have a few great neighbours that i will miss and the number of people i have met in the street h...
-38.0904316237 145.1345530698
Ranked 6th best street in Seaford

"Pretty street!"

- PiaH
watch out for the big speed bump near the oval! and past the the worlds smallest round about! nice street with parks
-38.0884303783 145.1328865037
-38.1070098812984 145.130881261454 7