Best streets in South Melbourne

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Napier Pl

Ranked 1st best street in South Melbourne

"Peaceful, friendly community on the city's doorstep."

- marys11
I have lived on Napier Place for several years and won't ever leave! The neighbors are fantastic - there is a real community spirit, the area is really quiet despite being so close to the city and it...
-37.8368130394 144.9603149441

Whiteman St

Ranked 2nd best street in South Melbourne

"One of the quieter streets in Southbank, yet so close to eve..."

Lived here for 7 years. Very close to the Yarra, Crown and the city. Also just a short walk to south melbourne market. There are buildings only on the south side of the street which means many of the...
-37.8304507182 144.9547551701

Montague St

Ranked 3rd best street in South Melbourne

"The long street that runs through both albert park and south..."

- Oliver Stanbrook
This street will take you from cosmopolitan albert park through upmarket st vincents place all the way to the industrial side of south melbourne approaching docklands.The local iconic O'Connells hotel...
-37.8301843408 144.9496325282
Ranked 4th best street in South Melbourne

"If only it wasn't so damn expensive."

- kbooby
What a great area to live (if you can afford it) I never got tired of driving along Beaconsfield Parade to get home despite the 55min drive out to work. Can't go past The Local pub at the end of bay s...
-37.8347093412 144.9495232452

Albert Rd

Ranked 5th best street in South Melbourne

"Oh, it's so pretty"

- ChrisTurk
It really is. There's so many great little places in Melbourne that it's an amazing place to just wander about and explore. It's a shame gas (petrol) prices are completely nuts. But back to the s...
-37.83737653 144.9676095861
-37.834621876851 144.957784497659 7