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Ranked 1st best suburb in Barwon

"Has everything you need"

- Fiona Anderson
Minutes away and choice of shopping centres - Waurn Ponds and Belmont High St Very close to schools - primary and secndary Friendly and comfortable place to live Close to Torquay and Surfcoast Minu...
-38.1864449472418 144.341461648512


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Barwon


- dudester
Its super awesome
-37.6967537434103 143.65715763936

East Geelong

Ranked 3rd best suburb in Barwon

"all about"

- davidh69
It is all about the great transportation system here which is highly accessible for work and leisure. Very family-oriented and friendly neighbours.
-38.1551921884324 144.378050799934
Ranked 4th best suburb in Barwon

"One of the most Premier Suburbs in Geelongs Region"

- Nick Maas
If you pick nearly any street in Manifold Heights you will find it to be tree-lined and leafy, rather quiet apart from the main thoroughfares which you trade off quietness for the convenience of super...
-38.137760784761 144.333848877997

Jan Juc

Ranked 5th best suburb in Barwon
-38.3440013910339 144.303607990451


Ranked 6th best suburb in Barwon

"Great suburb and affordable property"

- MarkPetterwood1
Level 1 MarkPetterwood reviewed Leopold, Victoria Dec 29, 2010 .5/5Excellent “Great for Family and Kids - Still affordable great properties” Leopold is known as the Gateway to the Bellarine Peninsul...
-38.2066102949272 144.428763233465


Ranked 7th best suburb in Barwon

"Newtown the jewel of Geelong"

- king22
Newtown is one of Geelong's most sought after locations and is home to some of the finest schools around and is close to CBD but yet in a magical safe environment of its own. Newtown is definitely...
-38.1526571056898 144.33367910422
Ranked 8th best suburb in Barwon

"Family friendly, terrific amenities"

- shanek2
Hamlyn Heights offers terrific amenities from the Vines Road Community Centre, public and private primary and secomdary schools, loads of parks, reserves and sporting facilities, local shopping strip,...
-38.1247153815919 144.327264245504
Clifton Springs
Ranked 9th best suburb in Barwon

"Great Town for All Ages - "A Little Hidden Secret""

- JackieWebb
Hi, my name is Jackie and I have lived in Clifton Springs for 28 years, 2 of those years renting before I purchased my block of land. I have seen this town grow and grow and turn into something very...
-38.155934791979 144.564994567069

Ocean Grove

Ranked 10th best suburb in Barwon

"Not only for the rich"

- sanjav
Reading the reviews I think people who have visited my town of Ocean Grove must have been here during the two weeks of summer when it's super busy, and only walked around Dare or Orton streets or near...
-38.2661848568486 144.525279542144


Ranked 11th best suburb in Barwon

"Riverside precinct - Community friendly Highton"

- Alisha Muller
Best best best place to live is the Riverside precinct of Highton, Reigate Rd, Linton Lane, Culzean, Cara. You wouldn't leave once you got in here - it took me a long time to get a home here but it...
-38.1676673739692 144.31480289215
Indented Head
Ranked 12th best suburb in Barwon
-38.1349000829664 144.704536251234

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay
Ranked 13th best suburb in Barwon
-38.7221095378132 143.63293241078

Geelong West

Ranked 14th best suburb in Barwon

"Like Inner Melbourne for 1/3 of the price."

- John
We moved to Geelong West in 2014 to start our family and could not be happier. After living our early 20s in apartments in Essendon & Port Melbourne and being priced out of buying a house anywhere clo...
-38.1383842393268 144.345154076446

St Leonards

Ranked 15th best suburb in Barwon

"Beautiful, peaceful town to live"

- emmam42
I lived in the City for most of my life and decided to buy and live here since I work from him. There’s plenty to do in summer, beach and markets, nice wineries and restaurants and nice people. I muc...
-38.1981098371817 144.704952310347


Ranked 16th best suburb in Barwon

"Wonderful peaceful family-friendly area, definitely up and c..."

- JimM4
Grovedale is a nice peaceful area, polite people, close to all amenities and family friendly. Very up and coming, and I can see the government is pouring a lot of money into the area, with the constru...
-38.1970556148925 144.330160603516


Ranked 17th best suburb in Barwon
-38.3307039369618 144.321912754512
Ranked 18th best suburb in Barwon

"big city life "

- phildogggg
Grouse place to own a ford
-38.1161547318566 144.34021362631


Ranked 19th best suburb in Barwon

"Close to Geelong and Melbourne"

- berwickisok
A lot of good walks by lakes and rivers in the town, good local primary schools including a Catholic school. Your kids can easily get bus services to Geelongs private high schools, albeit Lara seconda...
-37.9685368592414 144.43355016514


Ranked 20th best suburb in Barwon

"Moved here 6 mths ago. Will never move again"

- lulucky
2 cafes, 2 pubs, great town spirit, wonderful primary school, great candle shop and lolly shop. Love this town.
-37.8686275337753 144.025757825533
-38.2517184542967 144.014073029603 5