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Ranked 1st best suburb in Northern

"Serene, green and clean."

- Kelly Jepsen
North Ward is very popular and it is not hard to see why, the Strand, the beaches, the Rockpool, the Waterpark, the eateries, the people. Just divine.
-19.2497121527346 146.805640554525
Ranked 2nd best suburb in Northern
-19.2581610667855 146.832905528119


Ranked 3rd best suburb in Northern

"A quiet family area close to shops and amenities"

- Onesownmind
Located close to practically everything, as safe a family area as can be found anywhere. Close to Hospital, Military base and the parks surrounding the Ross River.
-19.30854566133 146.74854705843


Ranked 4th best suburb in Northern
-19.3081481279179 146.782077218859


Ranked 5th best suburb in Northern

"Quiet, clean and perfect"

- Amy02
Great quiet streets, nearby cinema, restaurants, Riverway with fantastic free swimming pools (why would you pay, clean and care for your own!). Brilliant location all rounds. Perfect for us.
-19.3030864490824 146.732208200901


Ranked 6th best suburb in Northern

"Whyte Street Hermit Park"

- Primelocation
One of the best keep secerts in Hermit Park. A leafy secluded pocket with lovelly Queenslanders backing onto the green space with the bike path running along the river. Great neighbourhood spirit wi...
-19.2861455690346 146.794235337853


Ranked 7th best suburb in Northern

"That neighbourhood feeling"

- nickk7
Having purchased a home in Currajong just under a decade ago I have found it difficult to leave as initially planned. I originally purchased my home in Currajong because it's very central with access...
-19.2758000380341 146.780328196707


Ranked 8th best suburb in Northern

"Quiet riverside town with easy access to amentiies"

- csmith60
In the past 8years I have lived here I have found the suburb to be freindly and safe. Being walking distance to the shops doctors and pharmacy as well as having the ring road so near for access to the...
-19.3504967195437 146.715452785881
Ranked 9th best suburb in Northern
-19.2829985096093 146.804251924274


Ranked 10th best suburb in Northern

"Friendly, family-oriented areas"

- And
With welcoming, helpful neighbours, and friendly caring street the Condon area close to Willows is a wonderful space to bring up children. Good sized blocks, close to all amenities and easy driving to...
-19.3271794421824 146.715208435624
Ranked 11th best suburb in Northern

"Amazing views"

- Kelly Jepsen
A lot of the blocks at Mt Louisa are elevated and have views to die for, they are so beautiful. It is very close to all amenities and the freeway into the CBD and beach side areas.
-19.2783734889454 146.724311822786
Ranked 12th best suburb in Northern

"Refreshing and delightful"

- gailh6
I love the Townsville CBD, from the Cotters Markets to City Lane, the new Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Museum of NQ, Reef HQ, The Courthouse Theatre and more right on your doorstep, the city is ea...
-19.2558010437221 146.82101353967


Ranked 13th best suburb in Northern

"A great place to live"

Charters Towers is a quiet country town in queensland, its not a big city but has all the facilities needed. I recommened Charters Towers for families, school students and people that are ready to ret...
-20.0761303202602 146.251863439969
Ranked 14th best suburb in Northern
-19.2748127038603 146.819219382443


Ranked 15th best suburb in Northern

"Great place to invest"

- KH2
I bought my very first investment property in Kelso back in October 2003 for $129,000. Bank valuation last week was $340,000. I have never had the house vacant over the last 7 yrs. As soon as tenna...
-19.3886735555284 146.709721477413


Ranked 16th best suburb in Northern

"A Healthy Lifestyle"

- Annette Rowlings
Nestled on the banks of the Ross River you can enjoy outdoor activities at your doorstep. There are many pathways for walking and bike riding along the river and throughout the suburb, numerous parks...
-19.3180361385032 146.748529858184


Ranked 17th best suburb in Northern

"Not that bad"

- KirstinN
I've lived in the area and/or close to all my life. Yes there are plenty of ferals but it's pretty laid back and I wouldn't call it unsafe. I've walked the streets after dark, never had an issue but t...
-19.252987867216 146.676896470156


Ranked 18th best suburb in Northern

"Beautiful suburb"

- laurac13
I like Burdell, very leafy and green, lots of play options for the kids and a friendly community atmosphere.
-19.2496900095033 146.706469400533

Home Hill

Ranked 19th best suburb in Northern

"Home HILL"

- Dmj
Home hill is a lovely little town, its great for all ages! Lots of things for the kids to do with out you being worried because its such a small town. Great primary school and highschool there are als...
-19.6569374396623 147.409157818839
-19.3173168363882 146.904650368122 5