Living above the Lewisham Hotel

I am a 16 year old male moving out of home soon. I will not be getting any support from my parents, but it is a mutual agreement between us that I should move out. I'd rather not like to discuss reasons, etc - I just need help with one thing:
I recently got fired from my job, so I do not have any income, but I will be receiving around $400 a fortnight in youth allowance from the government.

Because of my low income (I am applying for jobs at the moment, so hopefully I can be getting some more money in), I am not able to afford great accommodation. Most places are either way too far away from school, are share accommodations (which I'd prefer not to have), or are not furnished.

I recently found a listing for a studio above the Lewisham Hotel which is affordable, furnished and I get my own place to live, and is right near my school, but I have heard that it is a dodgy place for someone, let alone a 16 year old to live. The suburb and surrounds aren't dodgy, but it is above a pub and I've been told that it's mostly drunks and junkies that live in the other rooms above the pub.

I am kinda scared, because although I get my own place to sleep, the kitchen and bathroom is shared, and I am worried that something might happen to me if I need to use them late at night or something.

Is it true that it is a bad place to live?
Is it a good idea to rent this place?
Am I able to rent it seeing as it is above a pub and I am underage?
If I do end up living there, what would you advise me to do to protect myself in case anything might happen?

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johnj27 Oct 14, 2018
The problem with the Lewisham hotel is its a fire trap the pollution from Parramatta road will kill you if one of the tenants don't kill your 1st the dump is only occupied by jobless bums and ex jailbirds with mental issues and alcohol and drug addictions the real estate will take a bond and will illegally want to keep part of your bond to pretend to renovate your room very dodgy and sneaky dishonest real estate Richard and wrench newton
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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