Close to heaven

Timothy Street, on Toohey Forest has long been the most sought-after street in the district, together with its 'sister' street, Tamarang St, a short walk through the forest. The "O'Neill" subdivision, with the streets named after the O'Neill family is tucked away in the saddle of Toohey Mountain, with Charmaine Street, Desanne Place and the crowning glory Timothy Street. The high blocks were "colonised" by local business owners and industrialists who commissioned leading architects to design large and very interesting homes at the top of the hill, cascading over the large granite boulders that are a feature of the mountain.
Timothy Street is typical of a time when people understood that the best blocks in Brisbane are on the top of hills to take advantage of summer breezes, lower humidity and spectacular views. No street has better views the the 360 degree views afforded by the higher blocks. the view takes in the Toohey Mountain Forest, the city skyline and Cunningham's Gap and the Border Ranges to the South and West.
Combined with ready access to the city, universities, shopping and entertainment, medical and other facilities and the Gold Coast motorway, it is a very difficult location to beat in an affordable executive price range.
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