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Croydon Park

"We love it here!"

We've lived in Croydon Park for 6 months now, and there's a lot to love about it.

Of course, it's close to the CBD, with great 'Go Zone' connections via bus and train, and soon even the tram won't be far away. It's a nice journey into the city, too - after 2k's, you're in leafy North Adelaide, and the trip down Torrens Rd takes you past the statue of Light on Montefiore Hill.

The city is obviously super-close, but many of the locals take advantage of Arndale Shopping Centre, which is well connected by buses too. There are a couple of new shopping centres on their way, including 10 new shops cnr Regency and Days Rd, and a large new development cnr Churchill and Regency.

We've found it a really welcoming suburb, with great diversity as well as strong community bonds. Many residents have lived here a long time, there's also a strong student population, and there's been a steady influx of families and young couples over recent times. Plenty of house pride - well-kept front gardens, home improvements and renovations etc.

It's a pretty exciting bit of Adelaide, surrounded by both beautiful established suburbs like West Croydon, and dynamic up-and-coming areas like Brompton, Bowden, Renown Park etc. At the moment Croydon Park offers a bit more room to spread out than in some of the neighbouring suburbs - plenty of open space, and generally good-sized blocks.

Would recommend it to anyone - jump in while it's still comparatively affordable.

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If you live in the area, why did you give the area 4 stars for Safe and Sound. It should be 5 stars. Make sure to change it.

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