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"Highest crime rate in NSW"

Please do not even consider this suburb . Brother bought a invesment unit and tenant who was a friend of mine had her car broken into 3 times and family who visited her got his Hilux stolen with all his tools . I did not learn from all this mess decided to buy a unit in same suburb . I got broken into in second level through the balcony . Our garage got hit 5 times . I lived in that damn suburb for 2 years and we had cops turning up constantly due to huge number of break-ins in the complex . Terrible suburb surrounded with car hoons . Disgusting experience ... Do not even consider you will be sorrounded by Smithfield and Greystance . Greystance has the highest crime rate "break-in" in the entire NSW .


Ive never heard of this, which street r u on?


We were robbed too. It's just too close to the ghetto suburbs around. We put up cameras because the strata wouldn't. We've caught lots of suspicious behaviour. Just doesn't feel safe and it's a shame because the potential is great, but it needs a gated entrance! We were even asked by Channel 7 news who rang out bell to ask if we saw a shooting. All way too much. Also in the last year the graffiti and litter seems to have increased. I wish this was different.


"Our garage got hit 5 times" - doesn't look real. looks like a family feud. which street are you on?


I do business all over Sydney and crime is everywhere you go. I have had conversations with many folk, whether it be North Sydney, Eastern Suburbs or the West, and they all experience the same problems as Pemulwuy.

I can assure you, Pemulwuy is not bad considering, and when you look at the positives, Pemulwuy is a fantastic place to live in, most long term residents will tell you that.

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