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Seaford Meadows

"Happy resident"

My partner and i have just recently built in seaford meadows and find the area to quiet, safe and no issues, i have lived in other southern areas that is rittled with gangs and gritffti,in seaford there is none of that i am aware there is housing trust places but you are going to find that in most areas. its so close to shops and transport and with the new train line due to finish inearly 13 is a major boost for the area. its sad to see people writting bad reviews the area is still realtive new give it time to grow and prosper.

Great for

  • Local shops in walking distance
  • and public transport links to the city.
  • Excellent for families
  • Excellent new housing

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Beach Lovers

I am afraid you have built in the wrong place. Sorry to tell you.


We moved to Seaford Meadows from Qld 6 months ago, we accepted a rental house before viewing area and it was a big big mistake! My personal opinion of Seaford Meadows is that it's a horrible, scruffy, place, in our street alone we have had home invasion, police surrounding house that lasted over two hours (have no idea what was happening) people walking around all hours of night wearing back packs..... had people knocking my door late at night (don't know who we don't answer) and people walking nasty looking dogs with no lead which is very intimidating and we lay awake at night listening to people arguing, i don't want to offend people who live here and are happy but this is how we have found it. we are moving away ASAP


Trust me, South Australia has MUCH more better suburbs than Seaford Meadows.


I totally agree Seaford Meadows is the worse place Ive ever lived in, a complete hell hole.

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