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Seaford Meadows

"Seaford Meadows - Avoid at all costs"

We was told Seaford Meadows was a lovely New estate and Lovely for Families and cheap Homes!!
Boy was we wrong :( We are currently renting and we tried breaking our lease but cannot get tenants ourselves, as word is getting around , Its over run with Crime,Unemployment,Teenage Thugs on the scout for what they can rob and now I cant even let my kids out to play because the cars screaming up and down the streets is dangerous .Loud Partys etc, Ive found needles,knives and Beer bottles in the road and now nearly everyone in my street has either moved out or broke there lease and moved away - Avoid Mainly Sand Street,Anlantis avenue,Anchor road :(
I feel so sorry for people who have bought new homes and not told the Truth - Shame on you !! If you disagree then your either lucky in your street or you are in denial as admitting defeat hurts but the best ive heard is "Ive never heard a thing or seen anythink" Get with the program and escape before its too late !!

Great for

  • Local shops in walking distance

Not great for

  • Crime on the increase
  • Sea Fraud Muggins
  • No one is safe !!
  • New housing concrete jungles
  • Overpriced
  • Housing trust
  • The new train line is not finished yet.

We have never experienced ANY of the above and have lived happily here for YEARS!!


Go back to Kansas Toto, u don't belong here, fantasy land suits u better!


Kidssatuf, if you really think Seaford Medows has all what you "mentioned", try going to Davoren Park, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Park, Elizabeth East, Blakeview, Smithfield, Smithfield Plains, Munno Para, Munno Para West, Craigmore, Salisbury East, Salisbury, Salisbury North, Brahma Lodge, Paralowie, Para Hills, Parafield Gardens and many more which are in the Northern suburbs, I suggest you check ALL THESE suburbs out and see if they are better than Seaford Medows. Because I'm telling you right now, they're NOT. And let's compare the Northern suburbs to Southern suburbs and see which neighbourhoods of the North are in the top 20 best suburbs in Adelaide? None in the north, most are either south or east. Next time before you open that big mout of baloney of yours, go to areas where they are ranked and are MUCH WORSE than Seaford Meadows. Shame on you.


So you think Seaford meadows is comparable to Davolen Park.
I see. Thanks!

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