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Seaford Meadows

"Up and coming... Not there yet... but well on its way!"

We have been living in Seaford Meadows for nearly two years and we love it here. All our neighbours are friendly. We can see the sea on one side and the hills from the other from our second storey and there are lovely parks here for the kids to play at! There are areas here which are lovely and some less so... depends where you choose to buy/rent. As with all new estates, including city and inner suburbs, there needs to be a certain percentage of housing trust homes. If you live near these you may encounter interesting residents... We have been lucky.
This suburb is still under development but has the bones of being somewhere very lovely... especially the tree lined streets and access to the beach etc!
Like ANYWHERE its luck of the draw as to who becomes your neighbours!
When the shopping centre is completed AND the train line - new life will come to this place! People cant judge yet!

Wait til the trees are all established too!! Will be lovely then!

We LOVE living here and have had NO issues with any "thugs" and late night parties!!!!!!!!! Our street is super quiet filled with lovely families with children who all play together!

Access to Mclaren Vale - the beaches - the soon to be finished double expressway and the train will make this place somewhere great to live!!!

Great for

  • Local shops in walking distance
  • and public transport links to the city.
  • Excellent for families
  • Excellent new housing
  • Placed within the heart of the south with first rate access to beaches,

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Tourists
  • Country Lovers
  • Beach Lovers
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