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"Dark age suburb"

Far from nearest public transport, not close to any train station, have to have two cars for commuting, bad internet connection, no capital growth.


Strange comment to make regarding being close to a train station. It is not like there was previously that has since been moved away or shut down. There has never been a train line to Greystanes or Pemulwuy. Toongabbie, Pendle Hill, Wentworthville & Westmead (express trains) stations are only a short drive away. There are regular buses too, although I must admit, that I rarely use them. The fact that Pemulwuy and Greystanes are not next door to a train station, but still conveniently close is the reason I moved to this area. I lived in both Westmead and Wentworthville for many year and found that being next door to a train station, whilst convenient, brings with it higher density housing, dirtier streets and more crime. (my personal experience)

If you bought/built in the market peak a few years ago then I would tend to agree that any capital growth would have been minimal, although this is the same in every suburb around this area.

Totally agree with you in regards to the internet connection issues. ADSL2+ or cable internet is still not available. It took me a few months to get an ADSL1 connection. For ADSL1, it does seem to be quite fast though and faster than many "supposed" ADSL2+ in Greystanes. Still frustrating though a new suburb would not be precabled with fibre to the home. Received a letter from Stephen Conroy a couple of weeks ago informing us the Pemuwluy is earmarked for NBN in the next few months, which will no doubt improve internet availability within the area.


I agree cag2611... I was with Optus ADSL 2+ where I previously lived and it was on par with my Telstra ADSL in Pemulwuy, I didn't notice any difference to be honest. In regards to being close to a train station, you will find that nearly all new estates are not near a train station, Pemulwuy has an excellent bus service going to Parramatta on 2 services with express services in the morning... otherwise drive to a station and train it if you work in the city. In regards to capital growth, why on earth would you want to sell as soon as you build?! I have been here for 3 years since we got the keys from the builder and there is no way I would be moving any time soon. If you were looking at building or buying an investment property, from what I have seen rent is highly in demand here and not cheap :)


ADSL2+ is now available in Pemulwuy

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