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Carmel Topp

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"Quaint suburb with many retirement villages"

My elderly father has lived in Eagleby for 15 years. It is on the lower socio economic spectrum with lots of migrants and retirement villages. It is no longer part of the gold coast. Yes there are some youth issues but I feel quite safe going to the shops, I just wouldn't use an ATM without someone with me. There are buses that run around every 30 mins in peak and every hour after that. For one of the poorer suburbs it has one of the highest council rates I've ever experienced. People will just wonder into your yard if you don't have a fence with a locked gate. And Dad's pawpaws and passionfruit get stolen off the tree/vine regularly. He has had to add extra security in his yard recently due to thefts from his sheds. I am concerned for his welfare but he won't move. I only recommend Eagleby if you have no other options.

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