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Fitzroy Street

"Fun at this stage in my life but wouldnt buy here"

Great place to live at the moment especially if you're single and love getting amongst the easy, flirty women that frequent the many bars and clubs all but a stones throw away from my little love nest - but alas I am not and so i am really just dreaming of the good ol days when I could strut into white bar with me good ol pal adsy wadsy and do nothing more than click my fingers and flick my hair and I would have a bevy of beautiful women at my fingertips.

But alas I am now taken with a beautiful sexy norwegian glamour puss so i really just stay in now and admire the view from withing the sanctity of my own lounge room now and pity the poor shallow, pathetic single masses who are trying to "find" themselves and their senses on the dirty nasty sweaty floors of The Saint over the road - specifially i was thinking of "arbs"

Although if you dont like the smell of fresh urine near your doorstep evry sunday morning courtesy of these pathetic souls then it may not be for you - oh and when I went away fro 2 weeks and left mr "not normal" pernsy in charge of our love nest someone (??? pernsy) did defacate in our elevator - as I said probably wouldnt buy here


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WOW! What a review!! Although a little on the personal side cbarkla, is it safe to assume you wont be living there for the long term?

Very informative review though!



haha... never thought this would be the place to rat on your mates! Was Pernsy the culprit? ...and please don't upload any photos of the elevator and its contents.


pernsy said he wasnt but i have other suspicions

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