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"Peaceful and friendly neighborhood"

We have recently bought a house in panania (in the northern part) and have not encountered any sort of negative experience so far.. neighbours are friendly and smile and greet you sometimes. Not sure where these apparent ‘bad’ streets are.. we have walked several times towards the station during the day and night and have never felt unsafe. Like someone has mentioned in the comments below..it’s definitely a hidden gem! Close to everything and yet so peaceful. Highly recommend this suburb for young and growing families.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids

Hi, do you have a problem with airplane noise like the other review mentioned?


If you are looking for a house in the north side of the station, be prepared to hear aircraft noise for at least 7-8 hours a day for 3-4 days a week. I bought my house one year ago and just found out after that there was no aircraft noise due to the circuit training schools being closed for the Covid restrictions. Didn't find any comments about aircraft noise when I did my research, so now I want to flag to everyone moving in this area of this issue. Hopefully, more people will join my complaints and something will improve.


Hi emm4, I think when saying it's "noisy" you have to compare it to something else to make a fair comparison. If you live in Sydenham/Marrickville/Mascot areas, the aircraft noise is far much worse + very noisy as the flights are constant. However here in Panania, all the "noise" is just a few aircraft training every now and then/occasionally, definitely not for a full 7 or 8 hours straight, that sounds very unusual. Been here for a decade, I only notice the noise only 1 or 2 times a week when I work from home. I used to live in Inner West or those abovementioned areas and the noise from neighbours there are far worse. That is 1 of the reasons I moved here with my kid, to find somewhere I can have a good night sleep then the next day wake up well to go to work + care for my family.


I think in a quiet areas like Panania, then you noticed it much more even just the slightest of noise, because it's just so quiet here, hence the only "noise" can be noticed quite easily. When you live in a crowded place, so much noise at the same time making it "normal" and more acceptable.

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